Smart House, IoT Relays, Wi-Fi Sockets & RGB Lights And Something Else…

  Smart House, IoT Relays, Wi-Fi Sockets & RGB Lights and something else…

  With a today’s topic, we are planning to allign your minds in a dirrection to create or improve your “Smart House” or just “Smart Room”.

  To Control Remotely…

  You are Hobby enthusiasts and want to control different Home Loads remotely – from every internet enabled point of the world.

  It isn’t difficult task, thanks to the variety of IoT Devices available on global Hardware Market, Namely IoT or Network Relays.

  There are professional decisions based on different standards of communication Over AC Line.

  Today we want to win your attention presenting few not-too-expensive devices, on the way to solve the complicated task.

  Small part of places, where can be added some kind of axiomatization

  Garage Automated Door, Outdoor locking system, IP & security cameras,

  The heating appliances: a Coffee Making Machine, a Tea Heating Cup, Convective Heater,  

  The Ventilation Units, The curtains, The blinds, Motorized Projector’s screen, 

  Interior Lighting and Zone lights, different kind of Ambient lights,  

  Next, we are showing a selection by interesting suggestions in help to make DIY House’s improvements:

For Integration:

Net Relays:

PIC. 1  DIN Relay 3 – Web Relays   

TABLE 1.  DIN Relay 3 – Technical Specifications


Ready to Use Parts:


Smart Sockets:

 10 Sockets / 8 Switched – Web Control Power Switch.

  • Web Power Control,
  • Auto-Ping reboot, 
  • LCD & keypad
  • 8 x Switched Sockets, 1 x  Input, 1 x  Always On,
  • Web-Based User Interface,
  • Protection:
    • Surge suppression,
    • Over-current,
  • 5-year Warranty By Manufacturer.



PIC. 2  Web Power Switch 8 Pole – Web Controlled Smart Sockets



iDevices Switch Alexa integrated Voice Control Smart Socket:

  • Simple set-up and usage,
  • Reliable work, 
  • Integrated Voice Control,
  • Energy Tracking: Easy can create a report for consumed energy.   


AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: iDevices Thermostat, Wi-Fi, Works with Amazon Alexa by iDevices



TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi A19 RGB 60W Incandescent Equivalent LED Light Bulb

  • Dimming, On, Off, Free Full Color Pattern Select,
  • Control via free Application KASA,
  • Alexa Voice Control is supported (Alexa device is not included).

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: TP-Link Smart RGB Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

TP-Link Smart Warm White (2700K) Wi-Fi, A19, 60W Incandescent Equivalent LED Light Bulb

  • Dimming, On, Off,
  • Control via free Application KASA,
  • Alexa Voice Control is supported (Alexa device is not included).

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: TP-Link Warm White Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

If you need to improve the Wireless – Wi-Fi Home network coverage and connectivity, you probably will interest to:

AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi Router (AFI-R)

  • Wi-Fi Network Mesh Technology – complete House coverage
  • Dual-Band:  2.4GHz, 5GHz,  
  • 802.11ac 3×3 MIMO Wi-Fi, 
  • Smart-Touch Display,
  • Real-Time Status,
  • Easy Setup,
  • Flexible Wi-Fi Management using AmpliFi Application,
  • Secure Wi-Fi Encryption:
    • WPA2-PSK,
    • AES/TKIP, 
  • 5x Gigabit Ethernet Ports – 1x WAN  &  4x LAN.

As additional parts of the mesh network, are coming the following articles:

AmpliFi Mesh Point HD

  • Can Be Used with AmpliFi Home WiFi System or Any Third Party Router,
  • Plug and Play High-Density Mesh Point to Eliminate Dead Spots,
  • DualBand 802.11ac WiFi and 3 X 3 MIMO.

Long Range System Kit:


High-Density System Kit:

  • Router,
  • 2 x High-Density Mesh Points included,

Linksys Velop  AC6600 Tri-band – Mesh Network System

  • Tower Design with a Compact Footprint – More than 80% below the competitors’ footprints,
  • Strong Signal in every house corner, 
  • Powerful Wi-Fi range up to 2,000 square feet.


  Last, but not least is your Private Home Network Protection: 

CUJO: Smart Internet Security Firewall


Don’t Stop To Improve Your Lifestyle, Dear Hobby Enthusiasts, And Professionals!  



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