Tutorial: How To Enrich Your Soldering Skills – “Solder & Flux”

 Tutorial: How To Enrich Your Soldering Skills – “Solder & Flux”

 #Part 1 – Tutorial  “Solder & Flux”

  Independently, that we are living in 21-th Century and basic Hardware Stuff comes via AMAZON or other Online Stores complete, as hobby enthusiasts and professionals we have daily routines connected to a soldering process.

  Today’s topic is a natural continuing of out wish and trend to improve yours or create all-new basic skills in Hardware ocean of technologies. We hope, that the 80’s first presented Viral 21 minutes Teaching Video will attract your attention, also will create positive emotions, and help a certain part of the audience to enrich their knowledge.


VIDEO 1.  Thanks To PACE Inc. Basic Soldering Lesson 1 – “Solder & Flux”

    The Narrator starts his explanation with general words for Quick Steps of growing the Electronics.

   2:27 min He starts speaking to the Solder Wire Mixture proportions.

The Definition:

   By the definition, the Soldering Junction is routine to connect Mechanically heavy two or more Conductive parts in inseparable joining.

The History:

   The History Starts with this simple, but necessary stuff for creating a solder junction. 

   The First of All: The Solder Mixture can be created by different “Volume” proportions of ingredient components.

   There are two main groups we can dividing them – by melting point temperature.

   The Solder alloy with a low-temperature melting point is called “Soft Solder”. It converts its state from hard to liquid within temperature range 90 – 450 degrees Celsius.

   The most commonly used in practice proportion is Sn-60 to 63% and Pb-40 to 37%. Then, the melting point stays in a range between 180 – 192 Degrees Celsius.


  TIN/LEAD Ratio:

   Sn 60/Pb 40: The Soldering Alloy created by 60% Tin (Sn) and 40% Lead (Pb).   These two components mixture is “alloy” with melting point temperature equal to 191 Degrees

   Why need we to use solder alloy, not the only one pure metal? The explanation will understand very soon and it is simple and connected with a melting point temperature.

   In electronics, the main usage of soldering composite alloy “wire” is to create by its melting the ultra-low conductive soldering junction between different wires or part leads.

   That means the electronic component will “sense” the heat, transported from the Soldering Iron’s Tip and needed to create a good Soldering Junction. 

   The Silicium Semiconductor devices have Working Temperature of PN junction Up to max 150 Degrees Celsius and maximal allowable temperature applied to each lead while soldering no more than 260 Degrees Celsius for max 3 sec.

   Related to the thermal conductivity of the plastic or ceramic device package, The Semiconductor crystal will “Feel” the applied Temperature. 

   If We Use Clear Tin (99.99% Sn) the Melting point is 232 Degrees C / 450 Degrees F.

   Clear Lead (99.99% Pb) the Melting point is equal to  327 Degrees C /620 Degrees F.

  TIN/LEAD 50/50% Has the Melting Point =  216 Degree C / 420 Degree F. The  Melting Point Temperature is lower than every metal’s melting point.

  The Melting Point Temperature is lower than every metal’s own melting point.

  As you easily can see, when we are mixing up two different metals e.g., TIN & LEAD  in a melted mixture, the result’s melting point temperature is slowing down.

   5.00 min Start explaining The different proportions of Tin and Lead and Different melting temperatures:

   Tin/Lead 60/40% ratio allows has the melting point =  191 ºC / 375º F.

   Tin/Lead 63/37% ratio alloy has the melting point =  183 ºC / 361º F.

   The Most Commonly Used Ratio is Sn63/Pb37 – The Temperature of Melting Point = Freezing Point = 183 Degrees Celcius. 

   The “EUTECTIC Alloy” Proportion – Only Dual Aggregate States Soldering Alloy – There aren’t Plastic State Between Solid and Liquid States.


   PIC. 1  Typical  Semiconductor Active Device – General purpose bipolar NPN Silicium transistor

10:16 min. The Lesson 1 Soldering Process:

VIDEOs {2 – 5} are described different Connector Soldering techniques.

VIDEOs {6 – 9} are described different Components Soldering techniques.

VIDEO 2: Soldering To Terminals Link

VIDEO 3: Cup Terminals Link

VIDEO 4: Bifurcated Terminals Link

VIDEO 5: Hook and Pierced Terminals Link

VIDEO 6: Component Soldering Link

VIDEO 7: Integrated Circuits: The DIP-Type Package Link

VIDEO 8: Integrated Circuits: Multi-leaded Components Link

VIDEO 9: Integrated Circuits. Planar-mounted Components Link

Additional Link: The Lead-Free Solder List collects More than 150 different Solder Composite Mixtures.

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