X-T20: New Beauty – Compact 4K Mirrorless Digital Camera By Fujifilm

  Fujifilm X-T20:  New Beauty – Compact 4K Mirrorless Digital Camera By Fujifilm 


   Available in two colors:  Silver  &  Black, this compact 24.3Mpixel 4K Video Mirrorless Digital Camera will be your faithful companion in searching of the perfect footage. 

   Lightweight, compact and powerful, this stylish Hardware creation will stick to your hand.

   Countless manual settings and modes will provide you with a possibility to outspread your imagination, taking photos, who by whom more precisely maiden.

   The naturally true color representation make footage looks “vivid”, having the same vision as their real live sources. 

   We Present The Next Member boarding into “the Ship of Beauty”:

FUJIFILM X-T20 Key Features:

  • 24.3 Mpixel {Effective}, X-TransTM , APS-C CMOS III – No moiré and false colors, thanks to the random CMOS Array access,
  • 4K Movie at 29.97 fps/ Up to 100 M-bit bandwidth,
  • GPU: X-Processor Pro Image Processor Engine;
  • Boosted camera’s startup time, than its predecessor X-T10,
  • 1.04Mpixels resolution Tilting Touch Monitor:
    • 3.0-inch Size,
    • Tilting TFT color LCD,
    • 3:2 Aspect Ratio,
    • The same Touch LCD Monitor is used in FUJIFILM Flagman’s Models, 
  • 2.36Mpixels resolution Organic Electronic Viewfinder
    • 100% Image Area Showing,
    • Small 5msec. time-lag at refresh rate = 54.54 fps,
  • Intuitive Touch Control:  When you are shooting, the intuitive touch monitor operation includes: 
    • “Focus Area Selection”,
    • “Touch Focus”,
    • “Touch Shot”.
  • Control/Manual Mode,
  • Auto Mode Selector Lever: When you are choosing Auto, You can easily select one by 58 different presets. 
  • Selective Autofocus in 6-modes:  
    • X-T20 AF has fast phase detection ability: X-Y50%, Z75% Coverage.  
    • You can choose between 91 and 325 AF Points,
    • AF-S/C + Single Point/Zone/Wide/Tracking.
  • Shutter Speed: 5.0fps in Live View and Up to 8.0fps continuous shooting Mode using the mechanical shutter,
  • Film Simulation modes for Pictures:
    • Provia, Velvia, Astia, ACROS, Monochromatic, SEPIA,.etc,
  • Film Simulation modes for Movies:
    • Monochrome Video mode, 
    • ACROS mode,
    • Multiple Exposure modes,
    • PANORAMA mode, etc. 
  • Interval Shooting Modes: 1 second to 24 hours,
  • Pop-Up Flash: X-T20 Pop-Up Flash uses TTL (Super Intelligent)  flash control technology, ensuring the necessary amount of light in every valuable moment,
  • WIFI Communication: Integrated Wi-Fi Module allows wireless control and sharing the finished artwork.

The Manual / Control Mode:

  Using the variety of rotating dials, you have a full control of adjustments and exposure modes selection, necessary to take really great footage.

  As you already know the symbolical for X-Series exposure compensation, shutter speed, and, drive dials, etc. are also presented again into today’s described model.  

  In The Auto Mode, You can change your World.

  You have many presets on your hands, as follows:

  •    “Landscape”,
  •    “Night Landscape”,
  •    “Beach”,
  •    “Sunset”,
  •    “Blue Sky”,
  •    “Portrait”, 
  •     and “Moving Subject”.  


Front View: The Body w/o Lenses / APS-C CMOS III Sensor

PIC. 3  FUJIFILM X-T20  – Tilting Touchscreen View


PIC. 4  FUJIFILM X-T20 – Top View – See a lot of dial controls

PIC. 5  FUJIFILM X-T20 – 24.3Mpixel APS-C CMOS III Sensor 

PIC. 6   X Processor Pro – Graphics and Image Processing Engine CPU,

High-Frequency Highly Precision Quartz Resonator is Used into X Processor Pro’s Oscillator Circuit  

FUJIFILM X-T20 Related Video: 

VIDEO 1. FUJIFILM X-T20 Promotional Video / FUJIFILM

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Photo Enthusiasts!



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