All-New World in your Hands: Touch The GFX 50S By Fujifilm

  All-New World in your Hands: Touch The Iconic GFX 50S – 51.4Mp Medium Format Mirrorless Giant By Fujifilm

   With this motivating 51.4 Mpixel medium format mirrorless camera the time will stop, in every moment when you hold it in your hand.

   The advanced color reproduction and naturally soft images taken with appropriate high-end lenses will win your attention and will hold your breath.

   You will probably feel again like fall in love!

   Let’s meet your new hardware friend:  All-new Fujifilm’s Мasterpiece: 51.4 Mp Medium Format Mirrorless Camera GFX 50S

PIC. 1   Fujifilm GFX 50S – The Iconic medium format mirrorless camera

GFX 50S Key Benefits:

  • 51.4 MPixel (43.8 x 32.9 mm) G-Type CMOS Sensor Resolution,
  • 14-bit RAW Format Data,
  • The World’s_First_Focal-Plane_Shutter, offering shutter’s speeds up to 1/4000sec.,
  • ISO100 – ISO12800 Dial Selected (expandable to ISO102400), with  14-stop dynamic range,
  • ISO AUTO 1 of 3 User Configured Pre-Sets.
  • Exposure Compensating: Up to ±5 Stops (in 1/3 Steps: Increment /Decrement),
  • Image Processor: Built-in Fujifilm’s X Processor Pro,
  • Image Quality: The Dynamic Range can be adjusted with one of following 4 setting: Auto,100,200,400%;
  • Dual Card Slots: Both are supporting the Ultra High-Speed UHS-II type Cards,
  • 1.28 inch Monochrome Sub-Monitor,
  • 2.36 MPixel, Three Directions Tiltable, 3.2-inch, 4:3 Aspect Ratio 100% coverage Rear LCD screen,
  • Focussing:  Max 425 (17×25) Points of focussing with Changeable Sizes of AF Frame – (1 From 6 Types),
  • Focus Lever – 8 directions adjusting,
  • Face/Eye Detection AF with eye priority,
  • Focus Assist focus Peaking in MF mode,
  • Depth of Field Scale Indicator, 
  • Body: Strong Magnesium Alloy,
  • 3.69 MDot OLED electronic viewfinder – fully detachable,
  • GF Lenses Support.

PIC. 2  GFX 50S – TOP View

Fujifilm GFX-50S:

Camera Body Construction:

    The Body is precisely CNC’s made from the Strongest Magnesium Alloy.

   Such alloy makes possible the creation of extremely durable and the same time lightweight construction: 820 g including SD card and Rechargeable Battery / 920 g EVF included. 

   This Water and Freeze-Proof to minus 10 Degrees Celsius, also Dust-Resistant Stunning Digital Camera is equipped with more than 50 (58) O-ring and another protective-sealed point for maximal weather protection.


  The number of pixels songs a kind fearsome: 51.4 MPixel.

  The Size of the FUJIFILM’s G-Sensor is HUGE (43.8 x 32.9 mm):

  You can easily make a compartment  with APS-C Sensor (23.6 x 15.6 mm),

and “LARGE” Full Frame Sensor (36.0 x 24. 0mm),


  The Built-in Fujifilm’s X Processor Pro Can do almost everything with a combination with exceptionally 51.4 MP G-CMOS Sensor.

  On system RAW to TIFF Conversion is not a problem. The extraordinary color reproduction, where the image’s colors are Like alive, is completed By the unseen Film Simulation Modes.

PIC. 3   GFX 50S – Operator’s Side Rear View

 Dimensions: 147.5 mm (W) x 94.2 (H) mm x 91.4 mm (D) 

3.2″ Touch Screen:

  The Smart Touch Rear LCD Screen. It is also engineer’s masterpiece. Its Tilt movements are possible in 3 different directions:

  • 90 Degrees – UP,
  • 45 Degrees  – DOWN, 
  • 60 Degrees To the Right Side;

 It is so easy to select RGB Histogram, Enlarge and reverse the Live View – Using Rear Command Dial from 1 to 16.7x, and also Displaying The “3D electronic Level” 


   Focusing is the best-known Level Now: 

17×25 (425) Points.

  Focus modes are as follows:

  • Changeable Size of AF Frame – (1 From 6 Types),
  • Single Focus 9 x 13 (117 Points), 
  • Continuous Focus, 
  • Manual Focus.

GFX 50S Related VIDEO:

Video. 1  FUJIFILM_GFX 50S_Promotional_Video / FUJIFILM


  “The Everything or Nothing…”

  The Price is like a “WaSaBi” – a little bit fiery,

  The reasonable Price, If you want everything!


Fujifilm GFX 50S:  


Screen Protector:


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