LEICA M10 : The Connecting Link Between the Digital and Analog Photography By LEICA

 Leica M10 with an aroma of something retro, solid, and, passed the test of the time.

  The ergonomic shape and size of Analog M is the thing, influencing  the Leica’s Engineering team to create this the slimmest digital M of all time:

  More than 60 Years of un-interrupting hard work and near 12 years fighting with the competition in the era of revolutionary digital innovations, Leica doing a breakthrough.

  The Camera with a similar iconic irradiation, need to earn its consideration.

  Let’s Present New as Hardware, and the same time as a good old friend – The Ultra Compact Iconic:

  LEICA M10 – Feel the aroma of something gone, but good!


LEICA M10 Key Benefits:

  • Body Construction: Ultra strong magnesium alloy chassis,
  • 24 Mpixel, Full Frame CMOS Sensor,
  • LEICA  Maestro II Image Processor,
  • M-Lenses Support – The Masters of the moment!
  • Up to 5 FPS Continuous Shooting,
  • 2GB Built-In Buffer Memory,

PIC. 2  LEICA M10 – Sophisticated 3D Cut View

  • An increased Eye-relief distance,
  • 0.73x Magnification Factor of OVF Optical View Finder,
  • 3.0-inch Diagonal, 1.04 MDot LCD with Gorilla Glass Protecting Layer,
  • FOV: 30% Better, than the last actual model parameters
  • ISO Settings Dial: Even the camera is switched off the user can adjust the necessary ISO level {ISO 100 to ISO 6400} of sensitivity, using the comfortable ISO Dial

PIC. 3  LEICA M10 – Sophisticated 3D Cut View

  • ISO Level Select: ISO 100 ~ ISO 6400  (Can Be Expanded Up to ISO 50000),
  • Proofed for Light showers, dust and any bad weather conditions using a lot of special silicone seals,
  • Lovely” Favourites” Menu: Every Photographer and User can define its own personal preferences. How to look, the order, the different and more often used functions and setting, are deciding You.
  • Wireless Support – via Integrated WLAN Module:  The First M-Camera with the M-App and WLAN connectivity
  • Leica R-Adapter: This Option allows support and using of almost all kind LEICA’s R-Lenses.
  • Available in a Silver Chrome and Black Paint Finish.


Relevant to imaging performance: 

PIC. 4  24 Mp Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

 The 24 Mpixel CMOS-Sensor – The specially developed for Today described device Full-Frame CMOS Sensor features High-Dynamic Range and Contrast, the impressive sharpness with no losing even a dot from the detailed capturing image.


VIDEO 1.  First Look: LEICA M10 


  PIC. 5   Precisely attaching the Flexible PCB Cables into connectors in the last phase of the Device Montage!

PIC. 6  The Iconic Hardware is now ready For Shooting!

Do not lose the human in search of the perfect!



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