Top 5 Best Drones Available Now – Early 2017

 Top 5 Best Drones Available Now – Early 2017    

 Today we are taking place for few viral videos. Enjoy while watching them. Fly like a bird. One good Selection of the Best Drones ever.




VIDEO 1.  Top 5 Best Drones Available Now – 2017

  1. DJI INSPIRE 2 – Model T650: AMAZON Affiliate Link: DJI CP.BX.000168 Inspire 2 Drone – Graphite,
  2. YUNEEC Typhoon H 4K: AMAZON Affiliate Link: Yuneec Typhoon H 4k 6-Copter Drone,
  3. DJI Mavic Pro: AMAZON Affiliate Link: DJI Mavic Pro 4 – Copter Foldable Drone
  4. 3DR SOLO & HERO 4+: AMAZON Affiliate Link:  3DR SOLO 4-Copter Drone
  5. AUTEL ROBOTICS X Star: AMAZON Affiliate Link: AUTEL ROBOTICS X-Star 4-Copter Drone:


1. DJI Drone – Inspire 2 

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Key Benefits: 

Speed: zero – 50 mph below 5 sec,
Top Speed: 58 mph (94 km/h),
Grounding acceleration – Descent speed 9m/s, 
Flight autonomy: Up to 27 minutes {when it’s Using X4S camera},  
Video recording: Max 5.2k/30p (4k60p) in CinemaDNG Raw Format, 
Obstacle Avoidance Function: Yes, two directional,
Streaming video: from two cameras sources simultaneously.



VIDEO: 2 DJI Inspire 2 Preview

Cinematic aerials, Intuitive Flying interface, Professional workflow


2. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSense Technology:

Web Page Link:

Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Key Features:

Speed: 35 mpH, 

Top Speed: 43.5mph (70km/h) in Follow me mode,

Grounding acceleration – max Descending speed:  3m/s,

Flight autonomy: Up to 25 minutes {when is Using camera},

Video recording: 4K Ultra High Definition video, 12 Mpixel Photos, full 360 Degree anti-vibration gimbal,

Obstacle avoidance Function: BUILT-IN COLLISION AVOIDANCE – FAA compliant no-fly zone, Sonar Collision Prevention,

Streaming video:  HD, Up to 1.6km/1 mile, 


VIDEO. 2  Beauty! The Typhoon H 4K Aerial Filming Platform From Yuneec


VIDEO 3.  Yuneec Typhoon H Full Review

Yuneec Typhoon H 4k 6-Copter Drone:


3. DJI Mavic Pro:
DJI Mavic Pro Drone Key Benefits:
Speed: 35 mph (56 km/h),
Top Speed is: 40 mph (64 km/h),
Grounding acceleration – Descent speed,
Flight autonomy: Up to 27 minutes {when it’s Using camera}
Video Recording: 4k/30p UHD Video Recording,
Obstacle avoidance Function: 4 vision sensors, Detects obstacles as far away as 15 m or (49 ft). Max speed is 22mph (36kmh) while avoiding
Controlling range: 4.3 mi / 7 km.
Streaming video:
VIDEO 4. DJI Mavic Pro In-Depth Review 




43DR SOLO Drone:

3DR SOLO Drone Key Benefits: 

Speed: 50 mi, 

Top Speed is:  54 mi, see Video,

Grounding acceleration – Descent speed, 

Flight autonomy: Up to 25 minutes {when it’s Using camera},

Video recording: 4K/30p GoPro Hero 4, 12Mp,

Obstacle avoidance Function,

Streaming video: GoPro direct HD video streaming at ranges up to half a mile.

VIDEO 5.  3DR Solo Top Speed Run – 54 MPH
3DR SOLO 4-Copter Drone:

Web Page Link: 
AUTEL ROBOTICS X Star Drone Key Benefits:

Speed: 30 mph (48 kmh)

Top Speed is: 35 mph (16 m/s),

Grounding acceleration – Ascent: 13.4 mph (6 m/s); Descent: 6.7 mph (3 m/s), 

Flight autonomy: Up to 25 minutes {when it’s Using camera}, 

Video recording: 4K UHD, 4K/30fps, 2.7K/60fps, 12Mp Photos, 

Obstacle avoidance Function: An intelligent flight control system and autopilot functions.

Streaming video: Live View up to 1.2 mi (1.92 km). Get HD live video feed from your drone’s  4K camera.

VIDEO 6. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium 4K Camera Drone Review
AUTEL ROBOTICS X-Star 4-Copter Drone:

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Drone Enthusiasts!



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