The winter months, wireless technology and something else…

  The winter months, wireless technology and something else…

   Until frosty winter months, everybody imagines for the summer sweltering heat.

   With a today topic, we wish to point your attention to a few cool gadgets, who can deliver you in trouble moments the wished warmth.

   The wireless communication technologies can’t you warm, but they will help you, wirelessly, to manage and adjust the best way the heating parameters and process.

   Let’s see what we mean in the text and images below:

   As you know, when it’s cold, the comfort of our body mainly depends on the temperature of our legs, more specifically the feet.

   The contact point of our body, respectively the foot/shoe system with a cold earth, Ice or snow, is the main “heat leakage” from our “37 Degrees, thermostatic human body system”.    

   We present you a pair of gadgets, who inserted into your shoes are bringing the adjustable ultimate heat comfort.


1. ThermaCELL Proflex Heavy Duty Heated Shoe Insoles with Bluetooth Wireless Control

ThermaCELL  Heated  Insoles  Key  Features:

  • The user can select between 4 temperature settings using your Smartphone as the Bluetooth Remote Controller,
  • High capacity batteries offer 6.5 continuous hours of runtime,
  • Heavy-duty Design – Suitable for all-day, everyday use.
  • Ultra Water Resistant.
  • The package consists:
    • ThermaCELL_Heated_Shoe_Insoles ProFLEX_Heavy_Duty – 2 pcs.
    • Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery (3.7V, 1300mAh, 4.81Wh) – 2  pcs.
    • Intelligent Charging Case – 1 pcs.
    • AC Line Charger with USB Cable – 1 set,
    • Organizer Bag – 1 pcs.
    • User’s guide booklet – 1pcs.

The Shoe Insoles have a few different size options:

ProFLEX Heated Shoe Insoles Small Size

ProFLEX Heated Shoe Insoles Medium Size

ProFLEX Heated Shoe Insoles Large Size

ProFLEX Heated Shoe Insoles XL Size

ProFLEX Heated Shoe Insoles XXL Size


   The ultimate comfort of usage has the double lasting effect when you have near at hand the pair with two spare fully charged ThermaCELL compatible batteries.

2. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Proflex Heavy Duty – Battery Pack:

PIC. 2  This Extra battery pack is compatible with “ThermaCELL Pro Flex heavy duty heated shoe insoles”.

   High-capacity rechargeable batteries offer 6.5 continuous hours of runtime.

Two Batteries Pack for ThermaCELL’s Heated Insoles Proflex Heavy Duty

3. Volt Resistance – Men’s 7v Heated Waterproof Gloves:

PIC. 3  Volt Resistance Heated Gloves

PIC. 4  Thermal Camera Image: The working glove surface.

Volt Resistance Heated Gloves – Key Features:

  • Waterproof, breathable design using microscopic membrane principle,
  • 4 levels of heat – button selectable,
  • Each Glove Provides 2 to 8 hours of heat per every full charge, depending on chosen power settings,
  • Set includes:
    • Pair of described Gloves – Left & Right Glove,
    • Two powerful rechargeable lithium battery packs – 2 pcs.,
    • Wall charger AC Line to DC Output 5V:   USB – A Socket,
    • USB-A To Micro USB  cable – 1 pcs.
  • Each Glove Heats both sides of the hand for comfortable heating
  • Durable nylon shell with lining by soft tricot.

PIC. 5  Rechargeable Lithium battery packs with control Button and Indicating LEDs


Volt Resistance – Men’s  7v Heated Waterproof Gloves – Medium Size

Volt Resistance – Men’s  7v Heated Waterproof Gloves – Large Size

Volt Resistance – Men’s  7v Heated Waterproof Gloves – X-Large Size


  You can choose larger glove sizes from next Volt’s product: 

4. Volt Maxima {2X-Large} Heated Gloves

PIC. 6  Volt Maxima {2X-Large} Heated Gloves

  Volt Maxima {2X-Large} Heated Gloves -Key Features:

  • Manufacturers are using the legendary heat coverage with an extended heater path to the tip of each finger, both sides of the hand and, of course, the thumb,
  • The Waterproof breathable membrane allows you to keep your hands dry in wet conditions,
  • 4 levels of heat making it easy to turn the heat up or down depending on user’s needs,
  • The product package includes:
    • Pair of first quality gloves with built-in flexible heating elements,
    • Two powerful rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and a dual AC Line Charger,
  • Gloves are using the Volt’s patented “Zero Layer Heat System” assuring the optimal heat transfer.


  Volt Maxima {2X-Large} Heated Gloves – 2X-Large Size

  Volt Maxima Heated Gloves have all sizes from Small to 2X-Large available. 


Gloves’ Sizes – How to choose – Chart.


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Volt Heated Socks: 

PIC. 7  Volt heated Socks

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