Shockwafe Pro: 7.1 System with 45-Inch Sound Bar By Nakamichi

   Shockwafe Pro: 7.1 Sound System with 45-Inch Sound Bar By Nakamichi

   NAKAMICHI SHOCKWAFE PRO 45-Inch Sound Bar 7.1 Channel with 8” Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Satellite Speakers

   If you are from those people, who have already decided to replace their old-fashioned 2.1 or 5.1 system, today’s topic is exactly to you.


  • 7.1 Channel surround,
  • Up to 400 Watts Peak Power of Room-Filling Sound,
  • Sound Pressure is reached with help of 11 powerful perfectly matched speaker drivers,
  • Wireless Surround Effects Tweeters,
  • Wireless 8″ Subwoofer for natural, down to 35 Hz Bass Sound,
  • 5 DSP chipsets deliver astonishing and natural sound,
  • DSP EQ modes – including 15 Surround Pattern Modes,
  • Internal Circuitry is made with High-Grade Components,
  • 5 individually sealed speaker chambers,
  • 2x HDMI with 4K Pass Thru Inputs,
  • TV HDMI {ARC},
  • Optical Input,
  • Analog Audio Input,
  • USB Connectivity,
  • Built-In Bluetooth Features,
  • Upmixing of 2.0 Sound Content to 5.1,
  • New Audio Perfection with a resolution improvement when played Sound through Bluetooth Interface.
  • Dolby Digital plus (DD+) Support,
  • Dolby TrueHD Support.

    Let we unveil you SHOCKWAFE PRO System – The Nakamichi’s reference series soundbar.

   The system content: 45-inch Sound Bar, Two Wireless Connected Surround Tweeters, and Wireless connected Subwoofer reaches Down to 35Hz of Amplitude – frequency characteristic. Total System Power is about 400 Watt.

   The System uses 11 perfectly tuned speaker drivers that deliver up to 104dB of crystal clear sound.

   The Subwoofer has 8 inch Speaker with a huge neodymium magnet. The perfectly matched box volume and speaker, providing the awesome low-frequency reaching remarkable 35Hz within -3dB flat characteristic.




 PIC. 2   NAKAMICHI SHOCKWAFE PRO Sound Bar – Uncovered View


  Feel the ultimate 7.1 Channel Surround Sound with an exclusive Surround Effects Tweeters.

  Using the user-defined profile and built-in profiles and DSP EQ modes, the Ultimate Pro Nakamichi’s Multispeaker Acoustic System Delivers Sound with True-to-life clarity and unprecedented acoustic parameters.

  Described Sound Bar has 5 individually sealed speaker chambers 5 DSP chipsets and 5 related PA Drivers.

  Left, Center and Right Chambers incorporates special volume for two Full-Range Speakers. Both Left & Right Chamber has Front Acoustic pipe Bass Reflex system.   

   The Peripheral Connectivity:

  • Two HDMI input slots support 4K Display Resolution Digital Streaming,
  • TV HDMI – {ARC},
  • Inputs: Analog Audio & Optical,
  • USB,
  • Bluetooth.

    Check Firmware version:

  “The_units_purchased from Nakamichi_LLC after Dec 19  will be equipped with the latest firmware_v1.4 plus additional_hardware enhancements.

     Firmware V1.4 includes features as follows:

  • Support with Dolby Digital Plus (DD+)  and,  
  • Dolby TrueHD,
  • CEC enabled,
  • Manage the volume of satellite speakers,
  • Improved Sound Quality {Resolution} when is playing through the Bluetooth interface.




PIC. 4   7.1 Sound System – Remote controller 




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Don’t Make Any Compromises With Your Home Theater System. 

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