Fingerprint Scanners: 5 Often Used Biometric Modules On The Market

  Fingerprint Scanners: 5 Often Used Biometric Modules On The Market

  Nowadays, the Finger scanners are often used in many hardware projects.

  Generally, the Fingerprint Detecting Devices allow identifying the human’s person using the principle of their unique dactyloscopid data, Biometric parameters of the end of fingers.

  Many Devices are using an optical CMOS sensor to detect sophisticated and unique “pattern” of human finger’s skin.

  The sensors are often combined with pressure and infrared thermal sensors, combining all principles to create reliable and none, 2D False print activation.

1.  BENSS miniature USB-A fingerprint reader – Key Features:

PIC. 1  BENSS Fingerprint USB Module

  • Supports the NEW Windows 10 Hello – 2 seconds to login into the Windows 10 account,
  • Miniature Sensor is integrated into a Standard type USB-A socket,
  • Standalone Operation as USB HID {Wikipedia Link} with a Windows PC application,
  • As an SPI slave, communicating with a host MCU.



2.  Eikon Fingerprint Reader Key Features:

PIC. 2  Eikon Fingerprint Reader

  • Sign-in into your Windows using your fingerprint, 
  • The most secure way to unlock and sign-in to your Windows Operating System,
  • Supports the NEW Windows 10 Hello,
  • Use the award-winning technology just like you can find in leaded HW manufacturers – Lenovo, HP, and Dell.


3.  Verifi P5100 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader Key Features:

PIC. 3 Verifi P5100 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader

  • Ultimate silicon touching sensor in an all-metal housing,
  • Large easy to use non-optical silicon touch sensor, best in its class.




4.  KKmoon Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System

  • 2.8-inch Color Display,
  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor,
  • USB-Port,
  • TCP/IP Lan Interface,
  • RS-485 interface – Using an optocoupler to isolate signals,
  • Attendance Machine,
  • Electric RFID Card Reader.

KKmoon Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System


5. Fingerprint click – Mikroelektronika’s Complete Biometric Solution:


Mikroelektronika’s Fingerprint Module is based on GTS-511E2 fingerprint module and STM32F415 MCU



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