The Newest K-Standard: K-Shaped Foldable e-Bikes

  The Newest K-Standard: K-Shaped Foldable e-Bikes

  In Our last topic, we have been started to an explanation of e-bike:

  GIGABYKE GROOVE 48V 750W Eco-Friendly Electric Moped Scooter E-Bike.

  Today we are changing our point of view and present you a very attractive and comfortable K-shaped design BY LEHE

   K1 White Foldable Electric Scooter By LEHE:

  • Maximal e-bike Speed: 20 km/h,
  • Battery Capacity: 8.8A/h,
  • 35-45KM Running Range,

PIC. 1   LEHE K1 – White

Dimensions: 46.1 x 22.8 x 38.6 inches

Weight: 39.7 pounds

  • “K” -letter shape with a futuristic, modern and dynamic looking design,
  • Completely folded e-bike, easily fit in a regular car’s trunk.
  • Multifunctional information Electronic LCD display.
  • The bike is with complete Waterproof design,
  • Optimal riding feeling – based on a shocking-proof design,
  • Dimensions: 46.1 x 22.8 x 38.6 inches ; 39.7 pounds
  • The e-Bike has integrated Bluetooth speaker, which allows connecting your smartphone, tablet, etc. 
  • USB port charging abilities – for charging and direct use of any kind 5V smart devices,
  • Easy to use, smart RF remote key controller  – for locking or start your scooter,
  • Safety: Front and rear disc brake with double hydraulic system control,
  • Shocking-proof design, 
  • Front LED Lamp,
  • Rear Reflector Lamp,
  • Multi-cell, Balanced, Smart Samsung Li-Ion Battery  – the good battery is the key for successful e-bike developing.
  • Leather covered seat,
  • Military level quality 12″ tires,
  • Designed in Germany brushless DC motor,
  • Proofed – IPx5 waterproof and dust-proof,
  • 36 Volt Design – 8.8A/h, 35-45 km distance.


   The Handlebar is made with perfection and with one thing, to be as comfortable as it is possible.

   Folding the Handles minimizes the used space in a car trunk, for example.

  The K-Folded system allows multiple e-bikes to be carried in a vehicle’s trunk with a modest inner volume.

   The Built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect smartphone tablet or other wireless Bluetooth-enabled devices,

   Multifunctional infotainment Electronic LCD display – you can see many real-time parameters on the screen – The speed, top speed, mileage, trip distance, ambient air temperature, etc. 


PIC. 2  LEHE K1 / Kool E-Scooter – Black

PIC. 3  LEHE K1 / Kool E-Scooter – White


  Airwheel E6 Foldable Electric Bike With Detachable Battery

PIC. 4  Airwheel E6 Foldable Electric Bike With Detachable Battery

Airwheel E6 Foldable Electric Bike With Detachable Battery

  • Airwheel E6 is participating in Red Dot Award, 
  • Comfortable to ride: Bike use a Double damping system – for the easiest adaptation to road conditions,
  • Easy one key operation to fold the e-bike,
  • Weight: 14.15kg – Extremely Handy – made from the aluminum alloy, 
  • Up to 100 kg user load,
  • Light and portable – it can be carried with ease in subways, trains, buses, etc. ,
  • Intelligent EBS braking system, 
  • car-level Rechargeable Multi-cycle Li-ion Battery, 
  • USB Port for multifunctional usage,
  • C-AT Vehicle Control System
  • 300 Watt High-Performance Hub Motor,
  • APP Functions,
  • Innovative rubber saddle with good ventilation, instead of sponge cushion.


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VIDEO. 1   URB E Scooter Review, Price, For Sale on Amazon Personal URB E Scooter Review

URB-E  e-bike:    “The future of transportation is here!”

PIC. 5  URB-E Black 

URB-E Key Features:

  • The world’s most compact, foldable electric vehicle,
  • 15 mph Top Speed, Max Distance of 20 miles with single charge, 
  • Designed and built in California,
  • The US made quality with special attention to all details,
  • Body material: American aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, 
  • Engineered by Sven Etzelsberger, the Porsche’s former lead engineer.


Last Updated 1.10.2018

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