The Capacitors – Part 2: Evergreen Component

  The Capacitors – Part 2: Evergreen Component

  Casting a glance arbitrary around the hardware PCB, we realize that the “main” half of passive components used in the random design is formed by Capacitors.

PIC. 1  Explanation of charge state principles – Fixed Capacitors 

  At the end of Last Part 1:  from The Capacitors series: The Remarkable Evergreen Component we just pointed MLCC Capacitors.


PIC. 2  Ceramic capacitors: Leaded and MLCC – Multilayer Ceramic Condenser

  Decoupling capacitors or such used for time defining in resonant RC or LC contours.

PIC. 3   It is good to know, the MLCC has the majority purpose in electronics. Decoupling capacitors, time defining resonant RC or LC contours.

  Another type capacitors are Film Polystyrene or often named in Europe: “Styroflex or Styro” ones. They have high stability and accuracy. They are the most audiophile choice.

PIC. 4  Polystyrene Film capacitors

   Polystyrene Film capacitors:  British LCR Tech Data Example.

     The high-voltage insulation, negligible current leakage, ultra-low dielectric absorption and distortion, and excellent temperature stability of its parameters.

  Generally, their Cylindrical case has axial leads. Their main purpose – The Hi-Fidelity Low-signal Pre-amplifiers and Hardware Frequency Equalizing Design.

  Film Capacitors: 

   The Generally used a method to create a film capacitor is creating the thin metallic layer on dielectric, e.g. polypropylene film. A comb-like structure is used for increasing the capacity and compact the capacitor form factor.

  Standard Electrolytic Capacitors:

  All electrolytic capacitors, also named e-caps are polarized devices.

  They can be separate in a few groups, depending on a dielectric, as follow:

  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors,
  • Tantalum electrolytic capacitors,
  • Niobium electrolytic capacitors.

  Aluminium Electrolytic capacitors have a cylindrical shape, related a principle of its mechanical construction.


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