The Sensors – Part 5: Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor

   The Sensors – Part 5: Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor By BeneGlow® 

   In the previous Part-4, we have been told about Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors.

   Nowadays in the market have two basic kinds of ultrasonic sensor for measuring the distance to a near or coming object. 


PIC. 1  Typical Usage of 4 Front + 4 Rear Single Component System

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   We divided Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors into two groups, related the principle of operation:

   Two Component System – Described in Part-4,
and  Single Component System – the subject of today’s topic.

    The Single Component Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors utilizes a single Component Acoustic Converter.



PIC. 2  Description with  pictures


   Firstly, the Ultrasonic sensor works as a transmitter, sending the scanning Ultrasonic beam at series of packets.

   The speed of propagation the acoustic wave is equal a velocity of sound (343.2 m/s) / 2 (related to a signal twice path to, and from the object).

   Secondary:  Immediately, after the last packet has sent, the System changes its principle of work and became the receiver.

   Now, the system is “Listening” for reflection from the surface of any obstacle or subjects of the transmitted acoustic wave. Using such principle, the single component system creates wide ultrasonic beam – the angle in most common cases is above 75-degree.

   Let’s present a real example of the sensor using described working principle:


BeneGlow® Key Features:

  • Front & Rear side independent digital LCD display.
  • Detection range can be accurate to centimeters
  • While Braking all (4)  front sensors are active,
  • While reversing, two front and four rear sensors and LCD monitor will be active
  • Full-Proofed design: Wind Proof, Sand-Proof, Ice Proof  sensor systems,
  • Built-in microcomputer control.
  • Detection Angle: H>80°, V>90°
  • Power Voltage: 12V,
  • Front Sensor – range of detection: 0.98 to 3.28 ft,
  • Rear Sensor – range of detection: 0.98 to 7.54 ft.
  • 1-year warranty.

7-speed volume , 4-switchable sound modes:

  • Silent,
  • Buzzer,
  • Speaker,
  • Speaker & buzzer.

Alarm modes:

  • Beep: the closer the obstacle, the more rapid the sound.
  • Digital: precise figures are shown on the LCD screen.
  • Matrix Light Bar: To remind obstacle distance.
  • Smart protection: till reversing, two front end sensors will be active to prevent angle rubbing,
  • Easy to install and operate, precision sensors  .50 “,
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference – EMI.


PIC. 3   The Package Content

See in the Package: 

  • Control Box – 1 pcs. 
  • LCD Monitor – 1 pcs. 
  • LCD Extension ( Cable :17.39 ft)  – 1 pcs. 
  • Parking Sensors (Cable : 8.2 ft) – 8 pcs.
  • Power Cable (9.84 ft) – 1 pcs. 
  • Front Sensor Cable (14.76 ft) – 4 pcs. 
  • Hole Saw (0.85 in / 22 mm) – 1 pcs.
  • User Manual – 1 pcs.
  • Control Box Sticker – 1 pcs.


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