NOCO® – The Medicine For Your Car Battery – Part 2: G26000

   NOCO® – The Medicine For Your Car Battery – Part 2

   Today we are going to discuss for a preparing of people with following cold weather conditions, especially the winter’s Icy months.

   We said The Ambient temperature of the Air is -20 Degrees Celsius. The higher internal resistance of starting Lead Acid Battery and forgotten Outer Dimension Gabarite lamp in Power-On state for last 3 days, will cause an even completely new Battery to become an absolutely discharged.

   Before we are continuing with an Ultra Safe Repairing 26A Charger, let resume the Situation from Yesterday. The Gadget, who have been helped To Start Completely Discharged Main Start Battery is called Jump Starter. The Car Accumulator is again working, but once completely discharged, it has to be maintained in respect of becoming a work efficient, Next time when we need to start the engine effortless.

noco-genius-g26000-1-hardware-pro noco-genius-g26000-2-hardware-pro

G26000 – 26Ampers UltraSafe Battery  Charger

  • THE JumpCharge Engine Start OPTION
  The G26000 is an automatic Car Start Battery charger for both DC 12V and DC 24V Lithium-ion and Lead-Acid and batteries.
  The Device is designed for use on a Car, SUV, Boat, or Diesel Truck, and racing vehicles.
  It comes equipped with an integrated JumpCharge engine start mode for jump-starting of faulty – Discharged batteries.
  • Charges 12V&24V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries with capacity up to 500 A/h.
  • A 12V and 24V automatic battery charger.
  • Uses Smart Algorithm for Recovering of deeply discharged batteries down to 2-volts.
  • Jump charge engine starting for dead batteries.
  • Spark-proof technology,
  • Reverse polarity protection,
  • Charge 16V AGM and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Built-in battery desulfation to recover worn-out batteries.
  • Safely monitors battery actively with zero overcharges.
  • Advanced diagnostics indication for damaged batteries.
  • Progressive repair mode for heavily sulfated 12V batteries.
  • Power supply for changing a car battery or powering 12V devices.

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