Noco® – The Medicine For Your Car Battery.

   NOCO® – The Medicine For Your Car Battery.

   Let’s point our sight to the Earth places, where the four seasons, are tirelessly changing.

   Today we are going to discuss for a preparing of people with following cold weather conditions, especially the winter’s Icy months.

   More specifically, the cases, when the Lead Acid Start Battery is over-discharged.

   The Time is 6 O’Clock in the morning. 

   The Ambient temperature of the Air is -20 Degrees Celsius and the temperature of non-heated Garage is near 0 degree Celsius. Your Auto has the same temperature – 0 Deg C.

  The higher internal resistance of starting Lead Acid Battery and forgotten interior lamp in Power-On state for last 3 days, will cause an even completely new Battery to become an absolutely discharged.




   The First Attempt to Start the Engine is without any success.

   Continuing more, and more… Protecting Electronics doesn’t allow the Bendix to push the switch. Every New Attempt repeats again without success.

   You Start Thinking, WHAT TO DO?


   You Need a Tool, which can with ease to eject you from such bad situation. 

   Let’s Present you:  NOCO Genius BoostPro GB150 


 PIC. 1  Genius Boost Pro GB150

    Genius Boost Pro GB150 FEATURES:

  • 22500 Joules for 3S – Suitable for Up to 10.0 L + Engine Volume,
  • Short Circuit Terminals Spark Proof,
  • Reverse Polarity Protection,
  • Built-In Voltmeter,
  • Up to 80 Jump Engine Starts per one GB150 Device’s Battery Charge,
  • DC In 12 V For Quick 4x Charge,
  • USB DC In 5V For Normal Charge Using Standard PC USB Port,
  • DC OUT 12V For Additional appliances – Tire Pumps, DC/AC Inverters, Inflators,
  • USB OUT 5V / Max 2.1A USB Maximum Output Current.




PIC. 2  NOCO GB150 Can Charge Up to 12 Times Your Favorite Apple iOs or Android based Smartphone

   You Easily can attach and charge Many kind devices – iWatches, BT Remote Speakers or Sound Boom Boxes.




PIC. 3  This Photo Demonstrates the ten LEDs construction 500 Lumens torch Option in Action

   There Are  Available 7 Patterns with different Led Flashings – including SOS and Emergency Strobe Modes




PIC. 4 Here The Device is Powering The Tires Air inflator

  There are another three Jump Starter devices By NOCO, with Smaller Initiating Ability:

  For comprehensiveness, we are informing you of their details, pointing a few links below.


GB70 Genius Boost HD


PIC. 5  GB70 Genius Boost HD


GB40 Genius Boost+


PIC. 6  GB40 Genius Boost+


GB20 Genius Boost Sport


PIC. 7   GB20 Genius Boost Sport



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