PF1000U/W: Ultra Short Throw DLP Projector By LG Electronics

   PF1000U/W: Ultra Short Throw DLP Projector By LG Electronics

   The electronics consumers can be united into three completely different groups:

The First Group: We can define them as “High-End Freaks”:

   These people are waiting for the newest, High-End, Cutting edge, The top of the technological wave, and of course, the most expensive, last week top model.

   They aren’t sparing the money and just want to be modern – to be synchronous with the fashion.

The Second Group: The Equilibrated: Putting us in this group (Remark By the Author),

   The main Part Of the electronics consumers consists of Practical and balanced people, who love a balanced lifestyle. Independently, they have the opportunity to purchase immediately a certain product or device, that they prefer, these people can wait more than a half of year, collecting different opinions, before defined model to be appreciated as valuable and it goes to the shopping cart.

The Third Group: Unchangeable, Stubborn, and Old-Fashioned: 

   They have been Used For a Half Century their “eternal and forever young” Kitchen appliances and Vacuum tube electronics from the 60s.

   For gladness, or not, the technical growth slowly, but confidently improves the third group persons technical equipment. 



    The Device, we will talk about is not the last week model, but it has very progressive features and parameters, and also very good reputation, based on the written reviews by a significant part of many happy users. We appreciate this device and now we will present you the:



PIC. 1   LG PF1000U/W – Short Throw Projector

   The conventional Video projectors have some special needs. IT NEED to be inserted in a significant distance by the screen. If you prefer not to drill holes and spread the cables into the ceiling, or, stumble over the middle of room table, you can trust the upcoming technology of Short and Ultra Short Throw Projectors.

   Using a Computer simulated and made with a virtuously precision, wide-angle mirror and exponential optic over the DLP Projector structure, LG PF1000U can boast some superb parameters listed below.


PIC. 2  LG PF1000U/W Side View

LG PF1000U Short Throw Projector – Key Features:

  • Full HD { 1920 x 1080p },
  • 1000 ANSI Lumens,
  • DLP Technology,
  • Vivid Picture: The PF1000U gives you a professional cinema experience,
  • Wireless Screen-Content sharing to the PF1000U using Wi-F,
  • 3D with active eyeglasses,
  • 2D to 3D Conversion,
  • Contrast Ratio:  150000 : 1,
  • Dimensions : 5.2 x 11.1 x 4.5 inches,
  • Bluetooth Sound,
  • LED Lamp Life: 30,000 hours – equal to 10 Years of usage / 8 hours per day,
  • Smart TV-Enabled:  Amazon, Netflix, Hulu-Plus,
  • Projector Weight:  4.85 lbs.


LG PF1000U Short Throw Projector Related Video:

VIDEO 1.  LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector


PIC. 3  LG PF1000U/W – Rear View


Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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