Z2 Mini: All-New Compact, CAD Optimized & Powerful Workstation By HP

   Z2 Mini: An Ultimate CAD Optimized Workstation By Hewlett Packard

   This 2.3 inches high, Internally optimized to be powerful and the same time to be cool and completely silent. It won’t interrupts the creative process – The CAD Systems Projects Developing.

   The Z2 Mini 2 kg Body, glowing from high-quality electronics inside is smart engineered to meet the highest requirements of Graphical & CPU Hardware for satisfying the needs of the latest CAD / CAM Software Products. 

   The design is Clean, Simple and the same time is futuristic and modern. The Headers are smart situated, allowing the device to stay both a vertical and horizontal position. Their count is more than enough, even for creating a “NASA Looks Desktop Configuration”. 

PIC. 1  Hewlett Packard Z2 Mini Workstation – Front View


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   The Inner Z2 Mini Design reveals its own essence. “Snails” Centrifugal fans, allowing the controlled air flow to be bridged out through the heatsink, effortless within extremely low RPM.



PIC. 2  Smart Inner Design of the HP Z2 Mini Workstation 

Hewlett Packard Z2 Mini Workstation Features:

  • Intel XEON® Processors brings the workstation class performance,
  • The Z2 Mini is Tested Over 350K Hours and is Certified for industry-leading CAD Software Products as:
    • AutoCAD, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS
    • Vectorworks, Inventor, Revit, MicroStation, etc. over 20 Applications.
  • The Compact form of the Z2 Mini has 2.7 Liters volume the 1/10 by the volume of Normal ATX Box.
  • 3x Graphics performance using the professional-grade NVIDIA® Quadro® M620 graphic card with versatile 3D Support
  • Chipset Intel® C236 chipset
  • Two SO-DIMM slots, supporting up to 32GB, ECC, non-ECC, DDR4 2133 MHz
  • Side I/O:  
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Charging Data Port,
  • 1 x USB 3.0 data port,
  • Headset / microphone Combo Jack,
  • Rear I/O :


 1: Power -ON Switch ,

 2: Headphones / Microphone ,

 3: USB 3.0 Data Port with Charging Capability in idle or sleep mode,

 4: USB 3.0 Data Port.



  • Z2 Mini Entry Variant (PIC. 4 & PIC. 5):
    • 3 x DisplayPort™  – DP 1.2 – Outputs are from Intel® HD graphics,
    • 2 x USB 3.0 ports,
    • 1 RS-232C serial port – optional,
    •  RJ-45 (LoM)




  • Z2 Mini Performance Variant (PIC. 6 & PIC. 7):
    • 4 x DisplayPort™ (DP 1.2)  – Outputs are from NVIDIA® Quadro® M620 graphics,
    • 2 x USB 3.0 ports,
    • 2 x USB 3.1 G1 Type-C™ ports,
    • 1 RS-232C serial port – optional,
    •  RJ-45 (LoM)



  • External Optical Drive Option
  • Temperature Operating: 40° to 95°F (5° to 35°C)
  • Power :
    • Z2 Mini G3 –  Entry Variant : 136 W, 88% Power Efficiency, Running at 115 VAC,
    • Z2 Mini G3 – Performance Variant : 199 W, 89% Power Efficiency, Running at 230 VAC.

Note: Can support Up to 6 displays configuration – Using a combination of Intel®  HD graphics and NVIDIA Quadro® graphics – only on Windows 10.





How Do they Create The Z2 Mini Workstation? 


PIC. 4  Z2 Mini Entry Variant  

   1: SATA HDD or SSD (9.5mm height, 2.5” Form-factor),

   2: CPU Heatsink,

   3: CPU Fan,

   4: M.2 Form-factor 80mm long PCIe SSD.



PIC. 5  Z2 Mini Entry Variant

1:  M.2 30 mm WLAN / BT Module,

2:  Two SO-DIMM Memory Slots.



PIC. 6  Z2 Mini Performance Variant

  1: SATA HDD or SSD (9.5mm height, 2.5” Form-factor),

  2: CPU Heatsink,

  3: CPU Fan,

  4: M.2 Form-factor 80mm long PCIe SSD.


PIC. 7  Z2 Mini Performance Variant

  1: GPU Heatsink,

  2: M.2 30 mm WLAN / BT Module,

  3: Two SO-DIMM Memory Slots,

  4: GPU Fan.



   We are Showing a compact form of Tech Specifications. They are listed below. Variety and full Hardware Combinations are countless.




   The Full-Specifications and Different variants of installing Hardware Options can be seen using the information behind the links listed near end of Todays Topic.


  HP Z2 Mini Workstation Creating Process Related Video: 

 VIDEO 1.  Especially CAD Optimized HP Z2 Mini Workstation 


   HP Z2 Mini Workstation – Datasheet -> Link.

   Technical Specifications – Quick Guide -> Link.

   Product Frequently Asked – Questions -> Link.

   HP Z Family Workstation – Quick Guide -> Link.


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