NANO-S100: The First Generation RPMA® Module By uBLOX

   NANO-S100: The First Generation RPMA® Module By uBLOX

   We present you just announced uBlox’s first generation RPMA® Module.

   The Abbreviate RPMA® means Random Phase Multiple Access and this concept is a very suitable base for creating smart cities, under the road equipment controlling, telemetry and different sensing and control infrastructure matrix.

   The Device has ultimate parameters, as extremely Low power consumption in sleeping modes as low as 0.1 uA, allows creating of the independent & smart battery-powered infrastructure projects. The described device: Nano-S100 is based on RPMA® Radio with D-DSSS (Dynamic-Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) modulation in 2.4 GHz, free of charge ISM band with its high selective – theoretical maximum of 177 dB Radio resource, which is suitable for significant distance coverage in building and underground installation, creating a simple star infrastructure topology of Random Phase Multiple Access enabled modules.   




Nano-S100 Main Features:

  • Using 2.4 GHz, free ISM Band,
  • The Radio Spectrum = 80 MHz,
  • Used Bandwidth when the device is working = 1 MHz,
  • Device has an ultra low-power consumption in Deep Sleep and Power Off Mode, assuring more than 10 years of battery operation,
  • Completely Secure design,
  • Reliable work based on Quality Of Service : Link-> QoS , Link-> ITU E.800 recommendation
  • System has a unique adaptation mechanism, which optimizes the influence of the surrounding environment interferences,
  • NERC / Critical infrastructure protection – CIP compliant.
  • Ultimate possibility for rapid broadcast FOTA – Firmware On-the-Air update, using the separate RF & TD channel.    
  • Global_Region_coverage_with_a_single_SKU – Global Roaming 
  • Communication Interface: 7-wire SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface with Handshake, 
  • Data Throughput – 100 kB per day for easy Broadcast FOTA updating the Module Firmware or updating the Application Software,
  • Reliability & Temperature range: Highly Reliable Radio module, working in whole Industrial Temperature range -40 to +85 degree Celsius.



DIAG. 1   Block Diagram QoS / Quality-of-Service:  Performance Concepts –  Table View  By  ITU E.800 Recommendation. 


Radio Specifications: 

  • Receiver RF -Input Sensitivity –133 dBm,
  • Maximum Allowable Receiver Sensitivity is 177 dB (FCC / IC, RED),
  • Transmitter Output Power Level:  +23 dBm.



Supported Development Board: 

  • Nano-S100 is supported into the EVK-S10NANO  Development kit.

Nano-S100 Electrical Parameters:

  • Power Supply Voltage Range:  [2.2 – 5.5] V / 3.3 V typical
  • Power consumption in the different modes [Typical Value of the consumed current]:
    • Power_off Mode:  ~0.1 µA,
    • Deep sleep Mode: ~ 15 µA, 
    • Idle Mode: ~ 15 mA, 
    • Active mode RX : Receiver is working: ~ 85 mA,
    • Active mode TX: Transmitter is working: ~ 245 mA.


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