Hardware Laboratory – Part 13: Improvement of the Basic stuff

   Hardware Laboratory – Part 13: Improvement of the Basic stuff

   Searching for the appropriate new member in a way to help, improve and enrich hobbyist’s and professional’s style and skills, we have pointed the suitable hardware members and we will share them.

   Let’s remember what was the first Valuable tool we are “installing” on our technical desk: “Reheating and reflowing station with a Soldering Iron.”  

   Our common Hardware Laboratory is a fully-functional and now is working. We are Creating design after design.

   For the duration of the process of developing a hardware device – when making or adjusting it is a prototype in a common case, we are using modern SMT components.

   The last predetermines using of right instrument for doing these activities. 

   Let’s begin with the Programmable Soldering Iron & Hot Tweezers Station: 


PIC. 1  X-TRONIC 8020-XTS  Antistatic Digital Soldering Iron Station and Hot Tweezers




PIC. 2  This set of Soldering Iron tips will help you in every moment to use the proper tip. 

   If you feel the need to understand the answer a question: “How to choose the right Tip?”, You can look at www.hakko.com -> follow this Link

   Finally, As a Bonus, You will get and 5X magnifying Lamp.

1. X-TRONIC_8020-XTS -Antistatic Digital Soldering Iron Station and Hot Tweezers + 5x Magnifying:

X-TRONIC_8020-XTS Features:

  • Part Number: XTR-8020-XTS
  • Soldering Iron &  Hot Tweezers with separate PWM control,
  • Programmable Control Technology,
  • 10 Different types of Soldering Tips,
  • Spare Heating element,
  • Soldering Iron Sleep Mode,
  • Temp Correction,
  • Auto Shut Down Mode,
  • The Temperature is represented in C/F units,
  • Weight: 6 pounds,
  • Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 4.5 inches.

   The coolest features in that system is a hot Tweezers Tool. It will allow you to replace soldering or desoldering two terminal – conventional inductors, capacitors and resistors, quartz, diodes and any other kind of small or large dual terminal SMT components. 

   Just clench with the hot tweezers, for example, the 0603 sized SMT resistor, miniature signal diode or changing the faulty electrolyte condensers by you not too old Desktop PC Bottom PCB.            

   Connecting simultaneously two hot tips by the tweezers to leads or pads, where is soldered the target object, you will work with ease and more productively.

   Collect the time and never forget – The time is priceless.


Other X-TRONIC Models:

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AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: X-TRONIC 6040 – 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station



2. Very helpful, in that case, the truly mechanical tool is that perfect, multifunctional work VISE:

PanaVise 350: 



AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Advanced Hardware Design vice PanaVise 350:


3. The third-Hand Soldering tool: in our case that brings 4-additional as Croco-clips flexible hands. Easily can be attached different headers for wire soldering




Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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