WRFW: The World of Radio Frequency and Wireless Technology: Part 7

   WRFW: The World of Radio Frequency and Wireless Technology: Part 7 – QUECTEL MC60

   In our rubric “The wireless technology”, we have been explained and presented many scientific breakthroughs. Let’s Recall this 2016 year champion with neither one or two, but with whole 3-in-1 wireless technologies into a single one module. 

  The world’s first single module incorporating under one roof all – three technologies as follows:

  4-Band GSM/GPRS Module with additional GNSS Technology for satellite navigation engine and for the cherry on the top of the cake the full-functional Bluetooth – Version 3.0 interface unit.


PIC. 1  QUECTEL MC60: 3-in-1 GSM/GPRS, GLONASS and BT v3.0

   Let we recall this technological’s “Miracle”:

MC60: 3 in 1 GSM/GPRS, GLONASS and BT v3.0 {18.7 × 16.0 × 2.1mm} Module


Quectel MC60 – Key Features:

  • 4-band { 850/900/1800/1900 MHz } full-functional GSM / GPRS Module,
  • Module Support Voice, Data transfer, Short Message Service, QuecFOTA™, DSSS or Pseudo-Noise {PN} code using engine, OpenCPU, and eCall function,
  • The latest optimized 2G chipset for many internet protocols: UDP, TCP, P-to-P, FTP, HTTP, and SSL secure protocols,
  • Best audio services in EMC noisy and outrageous environments,
  • Multi navigation supports GPS/ GNSS/ QZSS,
  • GNSS – GLONASS technology for satellite tracking and navigation, with 33 tracking and 99 acquisition channels,
  • Uses EPOTM technology – with a unique support of Extended Prediction Orbit, without using an extra special server,
  • In cases when there isn’t enough satellite information, the GNSS Engine helps to minimize the time needed for the first valid fix of a position,
  • The LNA, which is incorporated into the module, assumes the ultimate tracking performance, even the device is working with very “poor” signals,
  • Bluetooth V3.0 support: SPP & HFP-AG profiles,
  • Dimensions: 18.7 × 16.0 × 2.1 mm,
  • Weight: 1.3 g.



PIC. 2  Quectel MC60 Module Dimensions: 18.7 mm × 16.0 mm × 2.1 mm


DIAG. 1   QUECTEL MC60 – Block Diagram



PIC. 3   MC60 – Front Side View



PIC. 4   QUECTEL MC60 – Bottom Side View

MC60 – Technical Parameters:






Testing Adapter Kit for Quectel MC60 – GSM/GPRS + GPS + Bluetooth V3.0, 3-in-1 Module:

QUECTEL MC60-TE-A KIT – Key Features:

  • Purpose: Testing Adapter Kit for Quectel MC60
  • Serial choosing switch,
  • a GSM antenna interface,
  • a GLONASS antenna interface,
  • a Bluetooth antenna interface,
  • LED indicator,
  • Second SIM card interface,
  • Performance testing.







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