Hardware Laboratory – Part 12: Additional Tools

  Hardware Laboratory – Part 12: Additional Tools – The Soldering Iron

  Our Hardware Laboratory is now useful and it has already done and complete.

  In everyday activities, there is a lot of things that we can add to refine our work and skills.

  To be well done one work, there are conditions, who need to be met.

  The First of them is: The mentioned person need to have all necessary skills, for easy handling in such spheres of activities. That is named: ‘The Practice’, and for it perfection its need to be made many projects, with a few words, it needs to “Pass the Time” …

  The skills are the human characteristics, which can’t be managed!

  There is a popular dictum: “From any tree, a whistle it can’t be done!”  



   It is possible just to be given some guidelines in the attempts to help their “to self-growing”!

   The next stages of our Hardware Laboratory are in your mind – the Real projects.

   The Skills will “self-growing” in the course of time…

   But, it is completely necessary to have the right instrument in every moment for resolving the certain task.

   We will help you in choosing, pointing some helpful instruments:

   If you are every day in a movement, or simply repair something in open-air with no electricity, you will simply get the cordless screwdriver – because, it has the battery operation.

   But, if you need to make the iron soldering in a place, without the “AC Power line connector”,  the question is a little bit complicated.

   You have many but, three of them are maybe useful choices:

  1. To get the Desktop PC’s UPS unit (don’t forget to fully charge it before Use) and connecting the conventional Soldering Iron… But, it is too Heavy and rough manner … , isn’t It?
  2. To Use The Butane Gas Heating Soldering Iron.
  3. To Use The Battery Powered Soldering Iron.

   Before we easily select the second or third Choice, let we see what the theory said.

Theory :

  Firstly, we need to say some words, describing the soldering iron:

   What is the function of soldering iron tool? 

  It’s comfortably made for usage hand tool, which the main purpose is to do soldering.

  The soldering is the process of applying the melted solder to a small gap between two workpieces, who need to be soldered.

  Generally, the soldering iron has three parts: a Metallic Tip, a Heater, and a Handle.

  The Soldering Tip represents the especially alloy metalized copper body.

  The Heater can be made by:

  • Low resistance heating wire based – for low voltage operation,
  • High-resistance heating wire based – for direct AC Line operation, and
  • Based on the Butane or similar Gas oxidation process, which is generating the heat. 

  The Handle is made from the plastic and heat-resistant materials, using the effect of heat resistance – for a convenient and comfortable work.   


  The  FIRST Choice:  We can use the Desktop PC UPSUninterruptible Power Supply Source and conventional AC line powered Soldering Iron – It is the most intuitive, but very heavy and really hard-wired way! 

  The SECOND Choice:

  The Butane Gas Soldering Iron

  A suitable example of such comfortable “wireless” Soldering unit will be a Weller’s PYROPEN®


  Related Video:

VIDEO 1.  Weller Repair Review WPA2 WPA-2 m

  Let’s see the Weller’s PYROPEN® – “Wireless” Soldering Iron:




PIC. 1  Weller’s PYROPEN®    

   This choice brings the non-battery operating way to soldering outdoors, where it doesn’t present a regular powering AC Line.

   Weller’s PYROPEN®  Key Features:

  • Push-Button for ignition and start of operating and power adjusting knob,
  • Soldering Iron model and Part Number: WPA2,
  • Up to 3 hours of work without needs of electrical power with one full Butane Gas tank,
  • Weight: 14 pounds,
  • Dimensions: 14 x 2 x 4 inches,
  • Butane Gas – Powered,
  • Warranty: 1 Year.


Weller Pgr1 Gas Refill


Similar Soldering Devices: 


Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Wireless’ Comfort, Dear Electronics and, Hobby Enthusiasts!



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