Updated April 2019 

   In the previous Part-8, we have told about special ASIC – RGB PIXEL Serial control IC – WS2801.

   This chip has a nice reputation and based on the really good performance it has been used widely in many designs.

   Many of users working with such devices and probably develop PCBs integrating them onboard, have asked themselves, why the manufacturers aren’t integrating the control chip into the LED. It will be the “BooM”!

   And, … the “Pompous effect” it doesn’t late.

   There are the previously described single RGB pixels managing CHIP successors:  WS2812 6J pins 50 x 50 and WS2812B – (WS2812B is improved variant of WS2812) 4J pins 50x50size of Smart RGB LED.

   It is not a secret, that the company WorldSemi already produces great amount or these devices – the family WS28xx of Smart RGB LEDs.

   These cool lighting devices are very attractive and they are welcome in the hands of hobbyists, DIY makers, PCB Hardware Developers, Designers and Manufacturers of different DIY Kits.

   Let’s add a few words about WS2812 IC.


PIC. 1   Looking at the picture PIC. 1, we are seeing the idea put into effect.

VIDEO 1.  How to connect and control WS2812 RGB LEDs with an Arduino – Tutorial


   As a cover at everything written above, there are and another surprise. LED Manufacturers non-stop amazing us with their creatures, later becomes our the favorite components:

   Circle 5 and 8 mm RGB LEDs with integrated IC Controller & Driver : WS2812B based.



PIC. 2  8 mm [in diameter] Circular RGB NEOPIXEL LED

   WorldSemi gives the world these cool silicon devices – they just are waiting to be implemented into your design.  

   You can see an interesting (see TABLE 1.) table in a cross compartment view with timings parameters of following four RGB LED members:  WS2812, WS2812B, WS2812D (8mm) and PD9823 (both 5 and 8mm variant).



TABLE 1. Timings parameters of WS2812, WS2812B, WS2812D: 8mm and PD9823: 5 & 8 mm



PIC. 3 Adafruit Neo Ring based on 50×50 RGB

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers! 


   Related information for controlling the RGB Pixel devices based on WS2801 Controlling IC, you can find on the Web Page Link:


Updated April 2019 



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