NW-WM1Z: The Miraculous Golden Walkman By SONY

   NW-WM1Z: The Miraculous Golden Walkman By SONY

   Our ancestries have been learned everybody to carry some heavy and valuable thing in his pocket.

   The feeling to carry such valuable  “thing” with ease will be overcome handling this high-end gadget.

   The feeling that you are holding some golden thing.


PIC. 1  Dimensions: 12.42 cm x 7.29 cm /  4.89″ x 2.87″

   Holding the 455 gr. NW-WM1Z, you are feeling the same.

   Of course, the basis metal used in this project is 99.99% clear galvanic copper, with a 24-karat golden covering.

   The First thing which made the impression is conservative clean and straight lines of the design, shining side controlling block with buttons and large 4-inch display.

   Non-traditional as and largest than the standard 3.5 mm jack dictates that this design hides many surprises.


VIDEO 1.  Sony Signature Series Iconic Walkman® NW-WM1Z Official Product Video

   Let we see the list of the features 

NW-WM1Z – Key features:

  • Signature Series Walkman®,
  • 455 g Golden covered Pure Oxygen Free Copper Chassis,
  • Highly reliable tactile effect buttons,
  • Newly developed 4.4 mm Balanced Audio Jack with KIMBER KABLE® – advanced hand braiding techniques specially designed for the new ø0.17″ balanced connection cable. 
  • Ultra powerful  Sound Output 250mW+250mW for high-end, high-grade and powerful drivers for headphones maximum real sensation
  • Used only High-Grade Top End Series Passive components as high polymer capacitor, High Q-factor closed type Inductors
  • NW-WM1Z uses DSEE HX up-scaling technology;
  • 4-inch, 854 x 480 pixels display,
  • Dynamic normalizer &  Equalizer,
  • The NW-WM1Z supports native DSD – Direct Stream Digital – “losing nothing in translation”,
  • Internal 256 GB Storage,
  • Expandable Memory: MicroSD Slot.
  • Supporting LDAC – New Bluetooth Audio standard By Sony,
  • Battery life for playing music:
    • up to 33 hours (MP3  – 128 kbps);
    • up to 26 hours (FLAC – 192 kHz / 24 bit);
    • up to 11 hours (DSD at 11.2 MHz).

   Internal view: At the picture, bellow is shown the idea of SONY’s mechanical constructors and engineers.

   Мilling of a copper piece, The chassis is ready to meet almost every challenge.


PIC. 2  NW-WM1Z – The overcoming – Little-Big Walkman® is using a High-resolution Audio Module.


PIC. 3  Polymer film capacitors for best Music Listening to Experience.


 The device has a really sophisticated vision, and the same time, the clear design and intuitive controls.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Ultimate Sound, Dear Audiophiles!



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