SpeakUP click: Smart Voice Recognition Module By Mikroelektronika

  SpeakUP click: Smart Voice Recognition Module By Mikroelektronika

  Let’s see an awesome Mikroelektronika’s mikroBUS™ Hardware Member – SpeakUP click PCB Module.

  It integrates a Codec: VS1053, MCU: STM32415RG, Microphone, GPI/O ports, Signal LED Indicators, and Buttons.
PIC. 1  SpeakUp Click Module – Top and Side View
  Using this Intelligent Module, you can create a versatile Voice command recognizing System.
   How does it work?
   The Module Has integrated onboard Microphone. The audio input signal from the microphone is carrying through the Codec VS1053, processing signal in a Detailed RAW voice format. After that, the digitalized signal is incoming into the Microcontroller STM32415RG for further processing and storage.  
The device can recognize command by command in over the 200 records.
   Firstly, the module needs to be prepared, choosing the stand alone or mikroBUS operating and soldering the included 4 pcs. 1×8 male header connectors, concern to your choice.
PIC. 2  Package consists:
   Secondary, connecting the module via micro USB connector, it will be recognized as USB HID device, no driver need to be installed.
Starting the free SpeakUP Configuration Software: Link, the process of learning the system is a simple. After the USB Connection is fact, there is 10 sec delay for noise calibrating routine, after it, starting your activities.
   Need to config the fields in a table-oriented software design, set the aliases, GPIO names , initial states, and after that, you might fill the voice memory, command by command.
  SpeakUp Click Key Features:
  • Works with over 200 x 1 sec.* {up to 5 sec.} different audio phrases – previously recorded by the User via free software and defined as commands
  • Built-In Codec VS1053,
  • OnBoard MCU STM32415RG,
  • Stand Alone operational mode, using Built-in MCU, 12 GPI/O ports available – Setting the GPI/Os Aliases and the initial GPI/Os states,
  • Message based System Managed by external Host Using mikroBUS,
  • mikroBUS compatible,
  • Signal LED Indicating elements,
  • USB connectivity to setup the voice commands on built-in MCU, the set-upping process is a quite simple,
  • 3.5mm Audio Input Jack for External Microphone,
  • Audio Output Pads – for monitoring and control the noise level into the recorded phrases,
  • JTAG Programmer Connector ,
  • Push-Buttons.

   * The Voice command phrases can be up to 5sec. long , but then, the total  available amount of commands is reducing in up to 200 sec. total recorded length.

PIC. 3  SpeakUp – Microcontroller Side View
   SpeakUP Configuration Software: Link
VIDEO 1.  SpeakUp Click – Introduction & Demo
   The Document consists the Common views of Module, the principle of work description, a Schematic, the Workflow of programming algorithm by using the free SpeakUp-App Software, etc.
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