NFC click: Versatile Near Field Connection Module By Mikroelektronika

   NFC click: Versatile Near Field Connection Module By Mikroelektronika

   Mikroelektronika fills their Hardware Store with a new member – NFC Click.


   This Versatile NFC Module has integrated NXP Chip PN7120.

   Theoretical abstract:

   Near field connection: The connection is named “Near” because the distance initiating the connection is really short : 4 cm or less.

    NFC is a subset system of RFID devices, which is working on 13.540 MHz.

   Тhat’s why an NFC IC can read data from and write into the RFID tags – for example, ISO14443 certified.

   The Typical NFC spheres of usage are :

  • Protection for all kind of items can be found in shops or stores, based on RF tag embedded into the packages,
  • The wireless payment system,
  • Electronic ticketing,
  • Smartcards.

   The NFC Module has based an NFC Forum Standard, also called: The NDEF – { NFC Data Exchange Format }.

   This RF NFC Module The module can be used in three modes:

  • Contactless Card Emulation,
  • NFC Tag – Read / Write operation,
  • Point-to-Point connection with another NFC supporting device. 

  Card emulation Mode:  NFC Click staying “Slave” doesn’t initiate the communication. When the NFC Click module stays passive, looking as the Card or tag, the transfer is initiated by the reader. 

   Read/Write Tag operation:  In this mode, it is NFC click Module is configured to generate the Radio Frequency Field on 13.540 MHz, powering the tag, and reading the info stored into the tag. Passive tag or contactless card modulates the amplitude using The Manchester or Bi-phase self-synchronizing code.

   Peer-to-peer connection: When two NFC-supporting devices are situated close to each other, there is set Peer-to-peer connection and can be established the data exchange – That is useful for example: to simplify the Bluetooth pairing process – not necessary special configurations or secret password entering .



PIC. 1  The module NFC click compared to a human hand

NFC Click Key Features: 

  • The board +3.3V power supply,
  • Highly Integrated NFC Chip-on-board : PN7120,
  • The IC-PN7120 has built-in an ARM™ Cortex-M0 MCU
  • Address Select: SMD Jumper which is used to determine the I2C address.

Supporting Protocols:

  • ISO / IEC 14443 A,
  • ISO / IEC 14443 B,
  • NFCIP-1,
  • NFCIP-2,
  • PICC mode using the host interface.

Defined the FC Forum digital protocol T4T platform:

  • MIFARE PCD encryption (MIFARE 1K/4K),
  • FeliCa PCD mode,
  • ISO / IEC15693 / ICODE VCD mode,
  • NFC Forum tag Definition one to four:  { Ultralight – MIFare tag , Jewel tag , Open FeliCa tag, DESFire tag } .

Supported host interfaces:

  • NCI 1.0 protocol interface referred to NFC Forum standardization,
  • I2C-bus in High-speed mode

nfc-click-3-hardware-pro PIC. 2  NFC Click – See the Built-in NFC Chip, 13.540 MHz  – NFC Field PCB Antenna, The I2C Address selecting jumper, mikroBUSTM Standard


DIAGRAM. 1  NFC Click – PINs connected to mikroBUSTM  –  Mikroelektronika’s Embedded boards Standard interface.

VIDEO 1.  NFC Click Module By Mikroelektronika


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