CC3100 Click: 256-bit Security Wi-Fi Module By Mikroelektronika

   CC3100 Click: 256-bit Security Wi-Fi Module By Mikroelektronika

    The CC3100 Click incorporates onboard the Texas Instruments’ CC3100 – Wi-Fi 802.11n Network Processor Unit. 

   To describe the full functionality of CC3100 Click, we first will poining the key features of its integrated  Network Processor Unit.

   TI CC3100 – Technical Description in PDF Format.

   The CC3100 has an updated protocol stack than its predecessor CC3000. The CC3100 supports  802.11n  and security features such as : TSL encryption, Hardware Crypto-Engine with 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL & TLS Connections, etc. 



CC3100 Click Key Features:

  • DC Powering: 3.3V 
  • CC3100 Integrated Ceramic 2.4 GHz Antenna Onboard 
  • Dedicated into the CC3100 Module ARM MCU minimizes the HOST CPU loading from the work with the Wi-Fi and Internet Protocol Stacks   
  • Connecting to the host CPUs by means of 8, 16 and 32-bit SPI or UART Interfaces
  • TCP/IP Stack:
    • 8 Simultaneous TCP & UDP Sockets
    • 2 Simultaneous SSL & TLS sockets
  • Hardware Crypto-Engine for SSL & TLS Connections with a reliable 256-bit AES Encryption
  • WLAN Receiver Sensitivity:
    • 1 DSSS    –95.7 dB / mixed Mode -94.7 dB
    •  6 OFDM  –90.0 dB / mixed Mode -89.0 dB
    • 18 OFDM –86.0 dB / mixed Mode -85.0 dB
    • 36 OFDM –80.5 dB / mixed Mode -79.5 dB
    • 54 OFDM –74.0 dB / mixed Mode -73.0 dB

   Power consumption related to using mode of the CC3100 Click is as following:  

  • In active mode with Rx Traffic, the consumption is below 52.9 mA (its parent CC3000 has 91.8 mA ),
  • Active Mode with Tx Traffic the consumption is below 223 mA & [54 OFDM],
  • IDLE Connected the power consumption is 690 µA & [DTIM=1],
  • In standby the power consumption is below < 140 μA, and
  • In low hibernation mode, the consumption is below < 4 μA (with the RTC running) .

   The CC3100 supports each one of following modes:

  • Station Mode – Connected to router,
  • AP – Access Point Mode,
  • Wi-Fi Direct – Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connection Mode.

   The selecting which mode will be used, there is the onboard strap (lumper) named : FORCE AP, via positional soldering a zero ohm resistor (can be seen on the bottom of PIC. 1).  The default state of the onboard jumper is Access Point Mode.

    As a member of Texas Instruments’ SimpleLinkTM SDK IoT Family, CC3100 has the fantastic development possibilities – This subsystem includes embedded TCP/IP and TLS/SSL stacks, HTTPserver, and various Internet protocols.

   Example: The SimpleLinkTM MCU’s IoT  implementation uses about 7k Bytes of  flash memory and near 700 Bytes of RAM memory for a typical TCP client application.


SimpleLinkTM SDK Layers – Visual interpretation.




PIC. 1  Mikroelektronika CC3100 Click Cutting Edge Wi-Fi Module


PIC. 2  CC3100 Click – mikroBUS Connector Side View





Table. 3  MikroElektronika CC3100 Click – Associated to mikroBUSTM Standard Pin – Description Table



VIDEO 1.  Low power consumption cutting edge security Wi-Fi module – CC3100 Click


   In the VIDEO 1. you can see the general view of CC3100 Click module, Way of Board insertion and example of usage on the Mikroelektronika Development Board.

   The device is working as a client, connecting and get the different data specially the temperature info from the host server.


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