3G SARA Click: Tiny 3G Modem Using uBlox’s SARA-U201 By Mikroelektronika

   3G SARA Click: Tiny 3G Modem Using uBlox’s SARA-U201 By Mikroelektronika

   Is It ready your wireless design to get the new 3G Module By Mikroelektronika?

   Let we present you the newest 3G modem in the Mikroelektronika’s production line.

   3G SARA Click.



PIC.  1  3G SARA Click: Top-Side View

SMA – Antenna Connector, Micro USB-B Slot, Built-in uBlox SARA-U201 module , MAX 9860 Codec, TX LED, STAT LED.

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PIC. 2  3G SARA Click:  Bottom-Side View

SIM Card Holder, 3.5 mm 4-Pole Audio jack, microBUS leads

   3G SARA Click Key Features:

  • Built-in µBlox SARA-U201 3G module;
  • 3.75G support:
    • HSUPA (5.76 Mb/s),
    • HSDA (7.2 Mb/s),
    • UMTS,
    • GPRS,
    • EDGE.
  • HSPA/GSM   [800 MHz / 850 MHz / 900 MHz / 1900 MHz / 2100 MHz]
  • Embedded_Protocol_Stacks: 
    • IPv4/IPv6,
    • TCP/IP,
    • UDP/IP,  
    • ESIM, BIP
  • 3.5 mm Audio jack, 4-Pole, for combined headset: Microphone + earphones;
  • Built-in 16-Bit Mono Audio Voice Codec: MAX9860;
  • Library Functions and Code Examples
  • AT Commands Related to Module Management 
  • SMA Antenna connector
  • SIM Card holder
  • Power Supply: DC 3.3V / 5V – resistor selected * 
  • Made to meet the requirements of the mikroBUS™ Standard **


   * Default settings:  Power Voltage is set to 3.3V.  See the PIC. 1, from the right side, near the ‘3G SARA click’ PCB silk screen label. There is 0-Ohms Resistor, which can be reflowed to other position if it is a necessary 3G Modem to work on 5V Powered mikroBusTM Systems.

   ** One connector for all boards:   The mikroBUS™ is specially developed By Mikroelektronika Pinout Standard.


PIC. 3  3G SARA Click: Pin-Description Diagram 

   When the Pin-1 is configured to provide the “Network status indication” its main function is to display – for example: on the LED indicator, the different modes by the different ways, as is following

   Network Status or STAT Pin-(1) represents the 3G network status – [H]:HIGH Level; [L]:LOW Level:

  • No service (there is no network coverage or GSM Sim Card can’t be registered) – Constant Low State; 
  • Registered home network is 2G – Cyclically Repeated: [H] – 100 ms, [L] – 2 s;
  • Registered home network is 3G – Cyclically Repeated: [H] – 50 ms, [L] – 50 ms,  [H] – 50 ms, [L] – 2 s;
  • Registered visitor has the roaming access to 2G network – Cyclically Repeated: [H] – 100 ms, [L] – 100 ms, [H] – 100 ms, [L] – 2 s; 
  • Registered visitor has the roaming access to 3G network – Cyclically Repeated: [H] – 50 ms, [L] – 50 ms, [H] – 50 ms, [L] – 100 ms;
  • If 2G or 3G network’s voice or data calls are enabled – Constant High State. 


   TxD & RxD – UART Data Transmit and Data Receive Pins.

   RTS & CTS – UART Request To Send  &  Clear To Send Hardware Handshake Supporting Pins.

   PWRKEY – Power ON and Power OFF  the 3G Modem.

   RIRing Indicator – for detecting the incoming call or Short Message Services (SMS) messages.

   +3v3 : Positive Battery or Power Source Terminal.

   GND : Negative Battery or Power Source terminal – GROUND.


PIC. 4  Combined View 


mikroBUS™ Main Benefits:

  • Ideal for Breadboards – ‘mechanical PCB’: mikroBUS™ standard pinouts is based on 0.1- inch (100 mils) pitch step between the pins and 0.9- inch distance between the two 8-pins rows,
  • SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface,
  • I2CInter-Integrated CircuitSDASerial Data ) and  SCL (Serial Clock) Pins,
  • Analog inputs ,
  • UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter,
  • Interrupt – Jump to Interrupt Subroutine Vector in the Program Memory,
  • PWM – Pulse Width Modulation,
  • RESET – Set the Program Counter to the First Program Memory Address / Code Segment Address – 0000h,
  • Power supply pins – two separate power paths for 3.3V and 5V.

Link To: mikroBUS



 PIC. 5  Compared to the human hand



VIDEO 1.  3G SARA Click:  Open_gates_with_your_smartphone – 3G_SARA_click_by_Mikroelektronika


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