iLOUD: 56-bit DSP Reference Studio Monitors By IK Multimedia

  iLOUD: 56-bit DSP Reference Studio Monitors By IK Multimedia

  Compact and powerful – these two poles are often mutually exclusive. The IK Multimedia’s engineers are made almost impossible.


   Fantastic Sound with Flat-Response Frequency Characteristics from 55 Hz to 20 kHz measured on level -3 dB, seen on the axis of the tweeter from 1meter distance with an amazing and real 50 Watt RMS – Power from such little volume – as we mentioned the work is one kind – “the mission impossible”.


DIAGRAM 1.  The Amplitude/Frequency Diagram is near perfect – as close to the theoretically wished straight line

   They not only made: admiration for that but optimized, minimizing Additionally the outer dimensions with a mind of Users – The Musicians, the music developers, and designers or probably you.

   Let’s see detailed their work.

   Today we present You:  iLOUD 50W: The Reference Small Studio Monitoring Speakers By IK Multimedia

   or how we named “The mission impossible”.


PIC. 1  Pair of iLOUD 50Watt Reference 3″ Small Studio Monitoring Speakers

    Their rounded edges and smartly designed shape in every its square inch provide as low as possible intermediate distortions and create the perfect small studio truly and reference sound source. They will help you to listen in astonishing quality, the truly everything in best details, and every nuance from the designed audio production.


   One high-end small studio sound system needs to be made with high-end and high-quality components, after that, when developing the enclosure it is necessary all acoustic parameters be exactly calculated and simulated as a complicated mathematical object.

Firstly, let see the ingredients:

  • 3- inch Low-frequency woofer speaker with a membrane made from durable and high rigid compounds.
  • 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter speaker
  • Bi-amplified – Class-D Power Amplifier
  • Computer simulated and calculated shape and internal space volume
  • Precisely adjusted Bass Reflex Vented box


The Construction:


PIC. 2  iLOUD 50Watt Reference – Transparent View


   The Theory of Bass reflex and its usage was non-well understood until 60s years of 20th century.

   Using The Bass reflex port and if the design and calculations are right, the resulted resonant acoustic system can provide an extended frequency response using smaller drivers and enclosures.



The Power Amplifier:  

  Each high-end iLOUD studio monitor consists of Two Class-D PWM type, High-quality, and energy-effective PowerAmplifiers.  One for the High-Fidelity Tweeter and second for the High-Durable woofer speakers


Control and Ports:


PIC. 3   iLOUD – Front and Rear View

    The Front, Tweeter Semi-Spherical Shaped Grille is allowing the highs to spread in a right direction with no distortions and any parasitic resonances.

iLOUD Studio Monitors Features:

  • 3/4- inch tweeter Speaker with silk dome


  • 3- inch Woofer Speaker with a diaphragm made by high durable composite materials


  • Integrated isolation base is taking care for the mechanical decoupling. No cross-talks, No Reverberations.
  • The devices can be placed in two inclination positions ensuring the best listener experience.
  • On the bottom has 3/8 inch standard microphone stand fitting.
  • Connectivity :
    • Standard RCA For Left and Right Channel,
    • 3.5 mm standard Input Stereo Jack,
    • Bluetooth Connection.
  • Equalizer Switches ( 1-3 ) on the rear side of the Reference Sound Monitor allow three independent settings:
    • 1) FLAT    –    DESK,
    • 2) FLAT    –   HF – 3dB,
    • 3) FLAT    –   LF – 3dB.
  • Dimensions :
    • 90 x 135 x 180 mm 

    Using these almost perfect in every one aspect small studio Reference monitors, you probably will work the open area or in a compact room used as a studio.

   When You use the system at the open area, the equalizer switches from the rear side need to be placed in a flat characteristics mode. That set the DSP unit to work using the default settings for the open area – no time delays, harmonic compensations and etc.

   Let see the manner of work, when you need these speakers for a room not larger than 45 cubical meters of volume. 

   As we said The little speaker is suitable for the small rooms and studios than a large Reference Sound system. This is because of one simple fact. The small system appears as a point source and generates a minimum amount of harmonics with their inter-modulations. Another positive effect using such systems is the presence of bottom insulation base, providing the mechanical decoupling. It is allowing the acoustic reverberations to be minimized.

   Although DSP is released by obligations to do the sophisticated compensations for the upper listed problems, the DSP is working on the “full throttle”, because there are other tasks to resolve.

   In a small room, there is no best place for the speakers – When you place them on the desk – they are close to the wall. Here is the place to use the Equalizers switch is Position DESK.

   The 56-bit DSP are informed to recalculate the information coming to the internal reference system microphone and to set-up in real time the necessary delays and frequency compensations – million times in each second. 


Device Weight:

  • 1.7 kg Reference Studio Monitors – The lightweight in the world reference studio monitors


VIDEO 1.  IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors – Unboxing & Sound Demo

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Audio Enthusiasts!



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