LSPX-P1: Compact Ultra Short Throw Projector By SONY

   LSPX-P1: Compact Ultra Short Throw Projector By SONY


  Projectors became something generally available. There are decades of types and sizes. The variety of the ratio {Price / quality} is enormous.

  • Pico-Projectors,
  • Pocket Projectors, 
  • Compact Projectors: suitable for an entertainment and kids gift toy,
  • Middle-sized:  Hobby and business Projectors,
  • Large-Sized:  Cinema Projectors.

  Today we present you non-infamous and cool Member: LSPX-P1 a Portable, Ultra Short Throw Projector By SONY

   The Design is а strong line of the Projector’s character.   It leather looking side covers give the feeling of luxury.


PIC. 1  The Projector has a Fashionable Design. 

  The Leather looking side covers give the feeling of luxury.

  At the same time, the design looks pleasantly and not intrude unnecessarily.  



PIC. 2  Wireless Connectivity – on a help of clear design.

LSPX-P1 Key Features:

  • Resolution: HD 720P
  • Projecting Display Resolution {1368 x 768 Pixels}
  • Display Technology: SXRD™ x1 – 0.37″
  • Built-in Rechargeable Batteries
  • Wireless design
  • Light Source: Laser Diode 
  • Motor Driven Autofocus
  • Wi-Fi- Technology : IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n – Dual Band   
  • 2 Hours Operation work
  • Fashionable design – modest, but clever.
  • Perforated body for Cool and uninterruptible projector work
  • Quiet Fan Work
  • Powerful sound – xLOUD technology
  • Integrated Sound Amplifier and Two 0.98″ Loudspeakers using the bass reflex technology for deep and thick Bass Sound
  • Application Presets – get more than projecting movies –
    • See The slideshows from your favorite pictures and photos,
    • Project news,
    • See the weather,
    • Project the clock,
    • See The Sky fulfilled with stars,
    • Project The rainbow,
    • See The Ocean, The Universe, etc.



PIC. 3   Leather Looking Covers in White color – It gives a sense of perfectionism, completeness, and integrity.




PIC. 4   The Rounded and perforated grille is 
an actual addition to the design.




PIC. 5   This slim device provides the wireless connections between HDMI Source and Projector and the automatically switchable wired connection between HDMI Output and TV.


    Design – The Projector will fit very well anywhere, you place it at home.

   The Throw Projector display images from 22 to 80 inches or about 203 cm onto a wall or any floor.

   Its Powerful Bass sound due to the two 0.98″ inches speakers, independently from the small sizes, deliver natural, without any distortions Sound.

   The fully charged Built-In batteries can provide up to 2 hours continuously projection time.

   Smart Control – Take full control, using a special Application on your smartphone.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear High-Technology Enthusiasts!



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