Mini PC & Media Streaming Player By PowerLead

   Mini PC & Media Streaming Player By PowerLead

  Тhe stone Age … The Electron, The Battery, The Electricity, The Incandescent Lamp, The Alternate Current, The Vacuum tube, Germanium Semiconductor, Silicon Semiconductor, P-N Junction – Diode, Transistor, Trigger – The Single Memory Cell, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Single Board PC, Embedded PC, Tablet, Notebook, Laptop, Mini PC, Desktop PC…3D printing… Flying hobby Machinery in the air – drones, and robotically insects … Virtual reality… Free Energy Stations at your Home, and on each street corner… Аrtificial intellect…  Brain to brain Wireless connection… Direct transfer of matter in space and time… The Time Machine… Discovering New Worlds and alien creatures…  The list is endless, and “Only the time will tell …”

    Where are We now, actually ?

   Where will be tomorrow ?

   What are our dreams ?

We are in the 21Th Century, and at the same time, we are just on the Start Position. 

  Today We will present you a real Mini PC – Hardware from the present.

  Its Features, of course, aren’t so Alien’s, but they both will help you to feel comfortable when you use it.

  “Smart TV Box Mini PC Desktop Media Streaming Player” … It Sounds a little bit confusing.

  Let’s describe the Mini Device’s features, option by option. 


PIC. 1  PowerLead Windows 10 Mini PC Rear Side View


PowerLead Windows 10 Mini PC – Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Interface Connectivity: BT V4.0,
  • Built In 2 Mpixel Camera for video conference connections,
  • Wi-Fi { 802.11 b/g/n } – Dual Band 2.4GHz , 5.8 GHz ,
  • 2 GB RAM – DDR3L, 
  • 32 GB – eMMC Program Flash Memory,
  • 4-core Intel Atom Z3735F 1.8GHz CPU,
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics (7th Generation),
  • Material of Body: Aluminum Alloy and Plastic elements,
  • Output HDMI Port: Standard HDMI female, Type-D, 1920 x 1080 progressive scan,
  • Wired Lan Port – Standard RJ-45 Female,
  • 4 USB-A type Ports,
  • TF card slot – SD Card Slot,
  • One DC Powering Port,
  • Power AC/DC Source:
    • Input Parameters: AC Line 100 – 240 V AC,
    • Output Parameters: 5V/ 2A.


PIC. 2

  This cylindrical Object is not the external Bluetooth Speaker, although looks the same and there is a built-in BT Interface.

  It is not a Spy, although there is a built-in 2.0 Mpixel Camera in front of it.

  It isn’t a router or “Netgear”, although there is a built-in modern Dual-Band Wi-Fi module.

  It is a highly-integrated, 4-core Intel Z3735F 1.8GHz CPU with 2 GB RAM – Random Access Memory, and 32 GB Flash Program Memory. 

  This Metallic Mini PC will save a lot of space on your hobby desk or table.  

  With clever, smart, and at the same time having luxury lines design, it isn’t to be the intruder, on the contrary, it will help you to solve the main part of your different daily tasks. 

  You can attach many kinds of periphery as mice and keyboards – wired or wireless using the Bluetooth interface.

  The Internet connectivity also has two interface options: Via The Ethernet – Wired, and via Wi-Fi – Wireless. You also need to attach the TV or External Monitor Via HDMI or Wireless via Direct Wi-Fi connection. 

  You can attach the external speaker or headphones: If it is active – you can use the 3.5mm headphones jack. If the external speaker is wireless, of course, you can use the Bluetooth V4.0 A2DP Connection.

  The good news is that you can use the latest Windows 10 applications and features from the Windows Store.

See in the package:

  • Windows 10 Mini PC – 1 pcs.
  • HDMI cable – 1 pcs.
  • AC Line Power Adapter – 1 pcs.
  • User’s manual  – 1 pcs. 


PIC. 3  PowerLead Windows 10 Mini PC

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PIC. 4  PowerLead Windows 10 Mini PC


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Don’t stop to reinvent yourself, Dear Explorers! 




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