Exos-9: Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker By AIWA

  Exos-9: Powerful Portable Bluetooth Sound System By Aiwa

  Wireless technology – it is all around us! Today we talk about one product, could worth your attention.

  We think that you would appreciate this completely wireless device. 

  The device has wires only inside the box, and believe us, they are massive.

  Let we recall EXOS-9:  High-Fidelity Portable 200W Bluetooth Speaker By AIWA 


Bluetooth Speaker Dimensions:   11.7″ x 19.4″ x 7.5″ – inches

PIC. 1  Each AIWA’s product has its own philosophy

 AIWA EXOS-9 Key Features:

  • 200 Watt Continuous Power
  • 5 Drivers – 2 Tweeters, 2 Middle, Plus 6.5-inch diaphragm size Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth Interface with A2DP Profile 50 feet range
  • NFC Connection with Quick Pairing
  • Up to 9 hours Playback on 50% of Max Power, using Built-in Battery
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Capacity: 57.2 W/h {18.5 A/h } 
  • 3.5 mm Input jack – for connection with Stereo System Audio Output
  • User Interface Sensor Buttons, displays, and Giant Dial for comfortable work
  • Device Dimensions:  11.7 x 19.4 x 7.5 inches
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20KHz 
  • 5-Band Graphic Equalizer with 4 Custom User Defined Presets
  • Remote Speaker Weight: 13.8 pounds or 6.3 kg


PIC 2. One example of Transparent Front AIWA EXOS-9 view 


PIC. 3  AIWA EXOS-9 Bluetooth System – Rear View 

From this aspect we can see:

  • The Battery Pack position,
  • The Bass-Reflex Hole,
  • Handle for carrying,
  • 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Input,
  • USB -A and Micro USB slots,
  • Main Switch On/Off and
  • AC-Line Connector For a Battery Charging or if the user wants more continuously work of the device.

Battery Operation:

  The device is equipped with 57 W/h Detachable Rechargeable Battery Pack

  It Can provide up to 9 hours to dancers fulfilled with an incredible Sound power – only on full-charged Built-In Battery.

  The EXOS-9 system Has Frequency response from 40 Hz to 20 KHz with the ultra-low level of noises.

  The large Woofer creates Solid and Elastic Basses, Without Distortions and any kind of saturation of PA Output transistors or other Signal clipping.


VIDEO 1.  AIWA EXOS-9:  Detailed Review and Sound Test 

You Can see under a grille, the battery pack, UI Displays, Connectors, How it sounds,  etc.

Take an Ultimate Control:

  • Adjust the bass, mids, or highs using the 5-band onboard Graphic Equalizer.
  • You can use 4 available presets or fine tune the Equalizer as you wish.
  • User adjustable Equalizer makes the Aiwa Exos-9 “qualified” for all music’s genres.
  • You can pair and link together both two such devices: Aiwa Exos-9 in the logical cluster. in this case, you can configure a separated stereo or complex stereo system with twice the Sound Power Output.

NFC And Bluetooth with aptX & A2DP:

  Using the NFC communicational option, you can pair quickly with EXOS-9 your tablet, smart mobile phone or portable multimedia player, having Bluetooth interface with A2DP Profile.

  Any IOS Device as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Kindle Tablet or Windows Tablet, any Android NFC Device and Bluetooth with aptX and A2DP using Can be connected.



Don’t Stop To Improve Your High-Fidelity Equipment, Dear Audio Enthusiasts!

{Source: AIWA, SONY}



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