Cozmo: The Funny Real-Life Robot by Anki

   Cozmo: Funny Real-Life Robot by Anki

   Smart, Handsome, Emotional, and Very Quick!
   This little electronic guy will win your heart.
   He does not wander, he plans his moves.
   He has one of a kind his own “brain” and not just for a load – it is his “mind”.
   He shows his emotions in a hundred ways.
   His name is COZMO – the Funny Real-Life Robot by Anki.
PIC. 1  COZMO the little big High-Emotional Entertaining Robot

   This Funny Robot isn’t a toy, he is a multitasking super calculating machine with his own jokes and manners.
   Cozmo has his own toys – in endless game, the robot is moving three super cubs in perfect precision with his forklift hoist
PIC. 2  Phone Controlling Application, Self-Positioning DC Charging Cradle, Power Cubes
Traits of COZMO
  • Cozmo is a real-life robot with his own personality, who will make you smile.
  • Cozmo shows real emotions related to your activities.
  • New upgrades will unlock the next Robot’s “skills” and bring you new emotions.
  • Durability and the best user experience have been the main goals of the Manufacturer.
  • All security tests are passed successfully.
  • See Software Development Kit – Beta robotics platform for you dear hobbyists, inventors, and explorers.

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SDK – Software Development Kit

SDK provides direct access to low-level controls as:

  • Communication with the power cubes and their integrated modules – Module Lights Control, 3- Axis Accelerometer Module with tilt, tap, vibration detection)
  • Displays emotional-bitmaps on his screen
  • Rotating the robot’s treads
  • Moving the forklift hoist and the head
  • Reading accelerometer data
  • Reading gyroscope data
  • Taking shots and image processing from the Robot’s camera

  If we try to see through the COZMO’s eyes – the еnvironment will look very confusing and complicated. The known objects – the robot’s charger, unknown obstacles, safety perimeter of movement, Peoples.

   The”highly-Intelligent” funny machine recognizes all of them and constructs a 3-dimensional plan into his “Mind”. This mathematically described 3D-vector world is ready to be assimilated from the machine’s brain.



PIC. 3  Cosmo’s Updates are ready for download.


   Cosmo uses the Power Cubes not only for play. These three cubes are his “Live-Markers” in the reconstructed 3d-Map. In every moment, Cozmo knows where are they and where is he in this interesting world.

Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Entertainment, Dear Explorers!



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