Automotive – Part 2: Steelmate TP-05A, TP-90 TPMS

  Automotive – Part 2: Steelmate TP-05A, TP-90 TPMS

  We have been added an automotive category. Let’s talk and think the way, helping to improve the safety.

  It is important to do because the thematic is closely related the human lives. Because they are priceless!

  In the previous Part 1, we have begun describing the TPMS Basics. 

  With the today topic, we will present you a real member of aftermarket’s add-ons made on the absolutely professional design level. 

   The system path to sensors is wireless, using the ISM band frequency 433.92 MHz. The system power management is nearby absolutely perfect and with mentioned manufacturer’s parameters, the system set guaranteed several years system battery lifespan. 


PIC. 1  Steelmate TP-05A TPMS – Way of montage on the inner side of the wheel rim

  We are pointing your interest to two Steelmate TPMS Systems.

  First one, TP-05A is for integration in a car and the second one is for more easy installation on a motorbike.

  Let’s see the TP-05A – 4-sensor variant to integration into a passager car.

  All  4- Sensors are hidden for the outside supervisor because they are mounted on the inner side of the rim (see PIC. 1).

  From the outside, they are indistinguishable to a standard valve, because they look as a regular metallic valve.

  The more important part of the sensor is staying on the rim’s inner side.

  The oval black enclosure includes: powering button lithium battery, the smart sensor, which is measuring the air or nitrogen pressure, also is measuring the tire’s inner temperature, and transmitter, working at 433 MHz, sending the Individually ID protected data packets with precise information about the Temperature and Pressure.

  We said the air or nitrogen pressure. Yes, the nitrogen is well done into the tire volume instead regular “Air” (78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen ), because this 21% of oxygen are carrying with themselves many negative effects over the temperature changings and the destructive humidity level …




PIC. 1  The Way to insert  the Tire Pressure Measuring Sensor




PIC. 2  Steelmate TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Technical Parameters


PIC. 3  General View of the TP-05A TPMS System – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Screen

   The abnormal pressure or irregular heating is displaying at the information screen with red color and is accompanied with alarm alert. Decreasing the tire pressure in one tire, especially on the controlling front axis is very dangerous, because, this appears as a difference in а adhesion between the different tires and the road, causing the dangerous situation when driving with high speed the highway and need to stop quickly.


Important, Good to know!
20% under-inflation reduces a lifetime of your tires by 30%  

30% over-inflation reduces a lifetime of your tires by 45% 


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   Let’s see the second Steelmate TPMS member – The two sensor’s TP-90 TPMS motorbike variant. We mentioned that the sensor installation is easy than the TP-05A model.


PIC. 4  Steelmate TP-90: CES Innovation 2016 Awards Winner 

 That is right because the sensors are external.   Yes, it isn’s necessary to detach the tire from the rim. Simply unwind your valve caps and screw the front and rear sensors on the related positions, using the included key and attached antitheft ring.



PIC. 5 Sensor TP-90 Design Conception  – Solid Magnesium Alloy Body, CR1632 battery, Smart Sensor PCB 


PIC. 6  Waterproof Information Display

Front Tire Indicators, Rear Tire Indicators, Pressure Data, Pressure Units 


PIC. 7 Steelmate TP-90 Package Accessories


PIC. 8  Steelmate TP-90 Information Display Way of installation examples.

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Don’t stop to reinvent yourself, Dear Explorers!



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