Automotive – Part 1: TPMS – Introduction

  Automotive – Part 1: TPMS – Introduction

  Aftermarket add-ons are widely spread into the auto-tuners and auto-enthusiasts.
  We decided to expand the range of the thematics described and viewed here.
  We have just added an automotive category. Let’s talk about the safety improvement.
 PIC. 1 Steelmate TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

   Today we are going to talk about TPMS or as the abbreviature is pointing for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. This is a system, built-in or additionally installed on the vehicle, truck or motorbike, which systems continuously and uninterruptibly scans some parameters at all their tires: pressure, temperature, etc.
   The controlling CPU in the core of this safety system is receiving the information measured from the system’s external wireless sensors. After that, the CPU compares already measured values from each same axis tires and between the axises with fixed templates or user predefined limits. If there are any “annoying” differences in the measured values or they are out of the required from the vehicle manufacturer ranges, the TPMS system is generating an alarming sound alert.
  In common case, the sound alert is accompanied with a visual one – with red color on the information display is visualizing the absolute parameter value on the relevant position for easiest and best readability (can be seen on PIC. 1). 
   The main meaning measuring these significant parameters is earlier diagnostic and informing about the possible defect, the same in progress, or for possible future failure.
   Below in the text, we will talk about these possible defects.
    When You, as a driver of your car or the service supporting staff are informed “on-time”, both can search in the right place, quickly to find, and also fast to solve the problem or repairing the fault detail or unit.
   Let’s firstly, see how is looking in the common case the Wireless Tire Pressure Measuring Sensor.
   Although there is a variant of the TMP sensor’s realization as a valve cap, its genuine place is on the inner side of the wheel rim, attached and working as standard tire valve (see the PIC. 2).
 PIC. 2  Wireless Tire Pressure Measuring Sensor
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You can see also and a Variant, where are Using 4 external Measuring Sensors:

PIC. 3  Tire Monitoring Information Display 
  Front Axis 2.3 bars pressure – both left and right tire,  
  Rear  Axis 2.1 bars pressure – both left and right tire.
  System Status: O.K.
   Let’s see next picture – (PIC. 4). The pressure is looking all right. But there is some problem. See the temperature of the rear right tire. The inner tire’s air is extremely hot – this can cause later in time abnormal air overpressure, even the tire explosion.
  This effect can be caused by the break unwished activity – the reasons can be many – not enough or not good breaking liquid, air into the braking liquid, hand break malformation, ball-bearing defect, other rim or tire heating process, etc., but let we do not take the car services obligations and work.

PIC. 4  Example with abnormal tire temperature value

PIC. 5  Example with abnormal tire pressure value

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