Turbine T2S: 57 mm Speaker Headphones By Bluedio

  Turbine T2S: 57 mm Speaker Headphones By Bluedio 

  Today we show you an attractive and grabbing as look, cute Headphones from Bluedio

  We are pleased to Present Bluedio’s Turbine T2S.

  They are painted in pretty RED Color.



There is a plenty of RED Color …

Some of you will fall in love with these perfectly combined color’s grades

Some of you probably will ask: Why The Bluedio’s Headphones are red?

The answer is: The headphone’s color is not a problem.

Their color will heat up You!

Their Sound will fulfill You!

Bluedio’s designers have been “painted” their product into four cool looking color variants.

One of the colors, of course, is Blue. There are and Black and White color options.

They Look in some way metallic, because of polished details ends and they are as comfortable to wear as they look.

There are much more surprises – The Headphones Speakers are with 57 mm membrane diameter with strong neodymium magnet

The absolutely comfortable 0.1% THD distortion ratio of the speakers is the result of a 2-year research and development By  Bluedio’s designers and engineers.

The T2S Headphones are also …



PIC. 1  Turbine T2S Headphones Are Foldable …

  As you see, the Turbine T2S Are, also foldable for easy carrying.

  For doing the description more attractive for you, dear our readers, we decided not to open all secrets in the beginning of the text and we are putting the KEY Features list after the device description.

  Described Device will surprise you with next its cool function – Bluetooth 4,1 Wireless Connection Interface.  

  Yes, the Turbine T2S headphones are Wireless by an idea. It brings you the freedom to move, without any cables lingering around your body.

  Its long-lasting rechargeable Li-Ion battery will allow you the listening of music to continue up to 40 hours.

  The Next Cool Option is dual connection mode: When the battery is completely discharged or when you don’t want to use the wireless connection, you can simply attach the included cable and continue the listening music as with normal wired headset.


Turbine T2S Headphones – Key Features: 

  • Perfect Sound with deep and elastic basses, and precisely and clear highs Great job for Bluedio’s engineers – they created very well, ultra-big speaker with diameter: 2.24 inches and integrated two into the T2S Headphones,
  • Fashional and Nice Look: You can get from them plenty of passion and energy.
  • Turbine T2S has a rotary design – you can rotate the ear cups in any angle from 195° range – for normal listening operation or to save space when you are carrying them.
  • Comfort:  The headband top and both ear cups are filled with foam, and covered with gentle leather.    
  • Bluetooth Interface V4.1: The device uses supported for most popular Mobile phones  {iPhone, HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc.}  Bluetooth Version 4.1 Interface, for wireless receiving the audio content stream. You can enjoy the unique music experience.
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 hours continuous music time. You will enjoy your favorite music near two days uninterruptible.
  • Bluetooth or Wired:  The device can operate in dual connection mode: From one side, as The Bluetooth headset, and from another side, as normal wired headphones. 


Turbine T2S color options are WHITE, BLUE, RED, and BLACK:

















Don’t Stop To Reinvent The Beauty, Dear Audio Enthusiasts!



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