USB Type-C Aluminium Case 10 A/h Power Bank By Orico

 USB Type-C Aluminium Case 10 A/h Power Bank By Orico   

  Today we are pointing the thematic interest on one proven product – The External Battery Power Bank:

  Orico USB Type-C Aluminium Case 10000 mA/h Power Bank

  The Device has a thin and lightweight case, made from aluminum alloy with an anodized surface, as nice and clever for example: as an iPhone 6S ergonomic design. 

  The unit’s internal circuitry quickly and intelligently detects every attached device. After detection, the sophisticated software chooses the proper charging current range from 0.5 A to a maximum of 2.4 A.


PIC. 1  This durable device in space gray color has a rounded shape with these dimensions:  151 x 76 x 14 mm.



Orico 10 A/h Power Bank Key Features:

  • Chasis – Made from aluminum alloy;
  • Batteries: Two Polymer Cells – 3.7V, 5000 mA/h in parallel;
  • Ports: Output / Input type-C port and one additional USB Type-A.
  • Intelligent Power Bank detects attached devices and delivers an exactly needed proper charge current – from 0.5 Ampers to Max 2.4 Ampers;
  • Support All type-C using smartphones and devices;
  • Can fully charge a completely discharged iPad Air once, iPhone 6 – above 4 times, and Samsung Galaxy S4 – more than 3 times.
  • The enclosure finishes are made of fireproof plastic.
  • Advanced Li-Poly Rechargeable Batteries improve bi-directional transforming of energy up to 88%, without any “memory effect”;
  • The power bank has all possible multi-safety protections – Over-charging, over-discharging and against voltage and current surges, and thermal protection when charging and discharging two Built-in Li-Poly Batteries.



PIC. 2  Orico 10 A/h Power Bank Bar LEDs Indicator: Showing the Remaining Power Bank Capacity.

Empty – when all LEDs Indicators are blank, one LED Lit – 25%, two LEDs lit – 50%, three LEDs Lit – 75%, all LEDs lit – 100 %


PIC. 3  The Power Bank supports USB-A to USB-C interoperability – The Device can charge many C Type – Supporting Smartphones, Tablets, and Ultrabooks.





Technical Parameters:

  • Type of Batteries: Polymer Cell
  • Single-cell parameters: 3.7V, 5000 mA/h
  • Count of Built-in Batteries: 2 pcs.
  • Batteries Total Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Schematics of connection: in Parallel


  • Micro Input TYPE-C 5V/2.4A 
  • USB-A Output 5V/2.4A 
  • TYPE-C Output/Input 5V/2.4A {max}

Internal Circuitry Key Hardware Characteristics: 

  • Controller IC: MPS-MP2636 ;
  • Additional used ICs: N79E814AT20, ME6913D ;
  • Over Charge Protection Voltage Threshold = 4.28V ± 50mV ;
  • Over Discharge Protection Voltage Threshold = 2.4V ± 100mV ;
  • Over Current Protection using 8 A – 12 A ;
  • Output Battery Path Resistance: ≤ 40 mΩ.


See in the Package:

  • Orico USB Type-C Power Bank – 1 pcs.
  • Micro Data Cable – 1 pcs.
  • User Manual – 1 pcs.
  • Service Card – 1 pcs.

Bonus Plus Warranty:

  • ORICO’s “Worry-free” warranty policy.
  • The Supplier provides an 18-month warranty period.
  • The warranty coverage period starts after the package is shipped.
  • The Supplier offers lifetime technical support for purchases made directly via ORICO’s direct store.



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