Wi-Fi 6 Click: New Embedded Wi-Fi Module By Mikroelektronika

 WiFi 6 Click: New Embedded Wi-Fi Module By Mikroelektronika

 We Present you a newly developed Mikroelektronika’s WiFi 6 Click mikroBUS Standard Module.






  The Module’s functionality is based on WF121: 55-pin Wi-Fi Module from Silicon Labs.

  There are many, but the main advantages using Wi-Fi Module are Ultra highly integrated possibilities of Silabs WF121 Module and strictly and smart ordered Multi-interface connection, Named “MikroBUS” – pioneered By Mikroelektronika.   

  The description of the Wi-Fi 6 Click is limited to overviewing the Highly Integrated Silicon Labs WF121 Wi-Fi Module.



PIC. 1  Example View: Mikroelektronika’s Test and Development Board and inserted mikroBUS supporting Wi-Fi 6 Click Module.


  The Complete WF121 Wi-Fi Module technical information you can find on http://www.silabs.com/ or into WF121 – datasheet: WF121-PDF 

  This Module has 2.4 GHz 802.11 Regulatory Certificated Radio with an integrated Antenna an onboard Single Power Supply. 

  That means a minimized time to market delay for the embedded designs, and producing quickly new, interesting and more powerful IoT devices.

  The support isn’t the last place – Bluegiga’s perfect customer service will help you to make best IoT applications.



PIC. 2  Wi-Fi 6 Click – PCB HW Rev. 1.01, Top and Bottom Side View




PIC. 3  The size of the Wi-Fi 6 Click Module, compared to human hand – Scaled View


SCH. 1   Module Wi-Fi 6 Click – Schematic.

   WF121 Module, 16-Pin Dual Header MikroBUS Standard Interface, PIC32MX695H Core 5-pin MCU Firmware Update Interface, Green LED Indicator Diode.



DIAGRAM 1.  Internal Blocks – Diagram

WF121 Module Integrates the following stages:

  • 80 MHz Microchip 4KMIPS 32-bit Micro Controller with 20 Mbit/s SPI, 10-bit ADC
  • Shared 8 MHz Oscillator,
  • Wi-Fi Chipset with 26 MHz Quartz oscillator,
  • 3.3V on-module integrated Voltage Regulator,
  • Bluetooth co-existence with Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz Band with Antenna switching option to avoid mixed transmission and interferences,
  • For sleep timing of watchdog circuitry, the module has two integrated RC oscillators – one into the WiFi chipset and another one into the CPU.

WF121 Interfaces:

  • UARTs – 2 pcs.,
  • Analog Inputs,
  • GP-I/O,
  • SPI – 4 pcs.,
  • I2C – 1 pcs.,
  • USB, 
  • Ethernet – requires external PHY Media interface 1 – pcs.
  • MCU Programming Interface 1 set,
  • RF Debug Interface. – 1 set.


PIC. 4   55-PIN Wi-Fi WF121 Module – Pin-Out View


2.4GHz Band, 802.11 Specifications – Radio Description:

RF Emission Regulatory:

   Integrated Module WF121 works on the IEEE 802.11d standard. That means the hardware select the free channel via the settings and information available from the domain. In the opposite case, the channels are chosen by the FCC Channel List description.


Wi-Fi Receiver Path:

   The receiver uses direct conversion principle. Enough out-of-band blocking ratio of the Low-Noise Input Amplifier and cascading  baseband filters of high-order provides the highest receiver selectivity by the side channels, and, nonproblematic work in near distance to GSM cellular phone Power Amplified Transmitters. That allows a minimizing effect by the inner modulation distortion and in-band interferences.


Wi-Fi Transmitter Path:

   The transmitter is working on the direct_IQ_modulating_principle. The special integrated digital baseband hardware is used to reduce IQ modulator distortions.

   An another optimization is the transmitter output power in relation to a modulation settings.

Wi-Fi internal PA { Power Amplifier }:

  The Avialable Maximum PA output power is:

  • +15dBm for IEEE 802.11g/n , 
  • +17dBm for IEEE 802.11b .

  The module’s PA gain is internally compensated and practically is not dependent on the oscillator frequency’s “jitter and thermal drift” related to random changes of powering voltages value and ambient temperature.

  The Device is suitable for many hardware applications:  

  • RFID scanners,
  • laser scanners,
  • PoS_Terminals,
  • Internet audio streaming devices, and etc


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