IBC-2016 New Released Devices – Part 2: R&S VENICE 4K

Rohde & Schwarz VENICE 4K- Controlling “Complex” multicamera recordings with innovative editing and controlling platform. It is the first available on the market complex product – with so many channels per system.


  IBC 2016  New released items 9-13 September 2016 in the fair in Amsterdam. 

  Manufacturer’s product portfolio in this year Exhibition is under the heading “Every frame counts”. We can only remember how “scientifically backed” are their specialists, designers, and engineers and how precisely are their products.

  The remarkable and old company – with long firm’s history, more than 80 years in success developing of electronically devices, nowadays mainly pointed their hard work activity in all “TRACKS” and stages of the wireless communication ocean.

  R&S means uncompromising quality.

  R&S presents VENICE 4k System.

  The Hardware makes possible to record and control up to 16 independent camera recording channels.

  The flexible Controlling Application Software helps R&S Developers to create such nice Server – client architecture-based platform, and also, use for these recordings individually selectable and virtually all possible codecs.     


PIC. 1   Controlling complex VENICE 4k Hardware and screen-shoots from the controlling application software – General View


PIC. 2  R&S VENICE 4K – Interfaces and connectors – Rear Side View






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