Pocket-Sized Projectors – Part 1: MP-CL1, MP-CL1A By SONY

   Pocket-Sized Projectors – Part 1: MP-CL1, MP-CL1A By SONY 

   Aside from their hands, people are carrying in their pockets different kind of things and gadgets. In the common case, they have valuable items, and the technology growth allows in their pocket to be found  … even multimedia projectors. 

  We present some members of Pocket-Sized Projectors Market Ocean:

1. MP-CL1 : Mobile Pico Projector By SONY


PIC. 1  MP-CL1, MP-CL1A : Mobile Pico Projector By SONY


PIC. 2  MP-CL1, MP-CL1A :  Mobile Pico Projector By SONY  – Connectors Side View


MP-CL1 Related Video

VIDEO 1.  Mobile Pico Projector MP-CL1


PIC. 3  MP-CL1/A Pico Projector Dimensions


PIC. 4 Golden MP-CL1A Variant

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: SONY MP-CL1A/HK + Bluetooth  Portable HD Projector – GOLD

MP-CL1, MP-CL1A  – Technical Specifications :

Technology :

  • Using Free-Focussing Laser Diode Technology,

Light Emitting Source :

  • Laser diode with more than 2,000 hours life,

Projection Size :

  • Equal to 40″ diagonal Screen at Projection distance= (3.77 ft / 1.16 m),

Power :

  • Battery powered with internal 3400 mA/h Li-ion Polymer Battery. It can be used additionally as Power Bank for charging any your mobile devices.
  • 5V / 1.5A – Power Supply is not included. Using such power supply, the charging time is up to 3.3 hours.
  • Using a Standard USB-Port A for charging, the charging time is up to 7 hours.

Brightness :

  •  Average: 32 lumens/Maximum: 37 lumens (100% White)

Device Weight :

  • Approx. 7.4 oz or 210 gr.

Wireless Interface:

  • Wi-Fi Wireless Connection,

Interface :

  • HDMI 1.4b: HDCP1.4, MHL 2.2

Audio Interface :

  • Built-in 1 Watt Speaker with High-Quality Audio Amplifier ; 

Audio Output :

  • Standard 3.5mm Audio jack

Operating Temperature Range :

  • 32 °F to 95 °F /  0 °C to 35 °C

Bluetooth: Ver. 3.0 – MP-CL1A Model Only.



AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link:  SONY MP-CL1A/HK + Bluetooth  Portable HD Projector – GOLD

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To be Continued! 

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