FUVISION  HLC11 SPY and Security LED Bulb With Camera, Microphone, Night Vision Mode.

 The Wireless technology is almost everywhere around us. Every day we see new and newer gadgets, assist or take over our daily routine, even our lives.

 You could be informed, about every innovation available now on the market.

 Today we present another interesting Wireless – Wi-Fi Controlled Light Bulb: HLC11 By Fuvision.

 It has some kind of mystic or some kind of spy inside. You can see ” … What is that ?” in the text below.


Fuvision Spy Camera Light Bulb-2-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 1  FUVISION HLC11 Led Bulb – Simple View

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Fuvision Spy Camera Light Bulb-4-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 2  FUVISION HLC11 LED Bulb Dimensions and features


Fuvision Spy Camera Light Bulb-3-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 3 Fuvision HLC11 Spy Camera Light Bulb – Camera & IR LEDs View

Fuvision’s Spy Camera Light Bulb Features :

  • Easy and intuitive setup.
  • Color Camera with 960p HD Resolution and sound ;
  • Night Vision Support Light Bulb have 7 powerful IR LEDs emitting high-intensity night vision light, allows to see up to 10 meters in total darkness ;
  • Wi-Fi -802.11 (b/g/n) 2.4GHz ;
  • Records High-Detailed video in color and sound ;
  • Micro SD Card slot – Accepts up to 64GB (16GB Included) ;
  • Motion Detection Option for Notification & Start Recording. 

Additional Features :

With this device you can do the following operations:

  • You can turn on or off the Device Light Remotely using Free Application.
  • You can watch remotely panoramic stream video from Camera with your Apple iOS or Android device.
  • You Can use the device on standard E27 Light Socket. Just screw in the Bulb indoor or even outside for create cheaper and cost-effective security system – without any additional taxes and fee.
  • Motion Detection – You Can Receive live notification on your mobile phone or via e-mail. Next Option is direct recording on supported Micro SD memory card.


HLC11 Technical Information :

Item model number:

  •  HLC11 ; 

Product Dimensions:

  •  6 x 4.5 x 3 inches ;

Item Weight :

  • 8.8 ounces ;

Lamp Holder :

  • Standard E27 Light Socket ;

Shipping Weight :

  • 8.8 ounces .


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