WRFW: The World of Radio Frequency and Wireless Technology: Part 4

  WRFW: The World of Radio Frequency and Wireless Technology: Part 4   

  The Wireless technology is everywhere around us. Today, even the light bulbs have the wireless connectivity.

  At the previous topic, we have pointed light bulbs wireless connection via Bluetooth.

   This Interface allows only near distance controlling option – the connection distance is limited below 30 ft or 10m.

  If you need new surprising info, we didn’t stop here and need to continue.

  Let’s present another wirelessly controlled light bulb with … Wi-Fi.



Philips Hue White A19-1-Hardware-Pro

 Philips Starter Kit – 2 LED bulbs and Hub 

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Model number :

  • 929001137002

Item Weight :

  • 1.6 pounds

Bulb Dimensions :

  • 11.2 x 7.3 x 3.9 inches

Color :

  • White

Shape, Holder Style :

  • E27/A19


  • 120 volts


  • 9.5W

Bulb Type:

  • LED

Luminous Flux:

  • 800 lm 

Other Functions:

  • Hue Bridge 2.0,
  • Apple Home Supporting Kit,
  • Works with Alexa Voice service.

  Simply connect to devices using your smartphone or tablet.

The Package consists:

  • A19 LED Bulb – 2 pcs. 
  • Power adapter 1 pcs. 
  • Wireless bridge – 1pcs. 
  • 6.6-inches long ethernet network cable – 1 pcs.  


AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link: Philips Starter Kit – 2 WHITE LED bulbs and hub


  They are dimmable and can be controlled anywhere in the World, but they are in only one color.

  If you think, that the only one color variant is too boring, you probably will prefer a multi-color variant.

  Let’s see another, but now with full-color version:





KS-K72 – Product Description :

  Easy Setup.

  Screw in the bulb and just simply Connect to.

  No special needs of Hub or bridge.


  • Get for free the “Magic Home WiFi” application and use for connection with your device.

Set The Color:

  • Use your own color palette of over 16 million colors. You have freedom to choose from warm white to vibrant blue light.

Group Controlling the Bulbs:

  • You Can manage up to 50 bulbs from your software application. Control Bulbs as a group or individually.

Night-Light Mode:

  • Using the night-light option allow you fall asleep much easier.

Remote Control

  • You have a freedom to manage your bulbs from anywhere in the World.


Bulb KS-K72 Technical Information:

Item model or Part Number:

  • KS-K72


  • 4 ounces 

Bulb Dimensions:  

  • 2.7 x 4.5 x 2.7 inches

Bulb Diameter :

  • 6.5cm


  • 13.2cm


  • Oval

Voltage AC Line:

  • 100V – 264 V AC

Working Temperature {Range}:

  •  –4 TO 130 °F ,
  •  -20 TO +55 ℃ .

Illumination Angle {Degree}:

  •  120 degree

Lifespan {hours}:

  • 40000 h

Power Consumption :

  • Max 10 Watts

Lamp Power Factor

  •  0.6

Color :

  • Grey

Package Bulb Quantity :

  • 1

Bulb type :


Nominal Luminous Flux {Warm white} :

  • 800 lm

Holder Type :

  • E27


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Another, Full-Color Set: – Philips 456210 Hue White and Color Version:


These devices are working with Alexa voice control software.

Philips 456210 HUE W&Color Version


VIDEO 1. Amazon Echo Controlling Philips HUE Lights. 


What can you say, if a new family light bulbs also have another human interface and they can produce and …

To Be Continued!

Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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