C700 : New Modular 4k RAW Cinema Camera By Canon

  Canon C700 – New Modular 4k RAW Cinema Camera

   Canon’s Engineers and Designers have been provided two standard options, related the used sensor, in their completely new designed and full with innovations Modular 4k RAW Cinema Camera – C700.


Canon C700-1-Hardware-Pro



  The first Canon’s option: EOS C700 uses standard CMOS 4.5k resolution CMOS sensor with 15-stops of the dynamic range:

  Cons: The option has the general CMOS “jello” and “flash band” artifacts – depending on scanning principle {from top to bottom of the mattrix} of work of CMOS sensor.

  This parasitic effect captures and visualizes the straight objects or lines as curved.

  • EOS C700 PL Mount Lens Variant –  without Dual Pixel CMOS AF,
  • EOS C700 EF Mount Lens Variant – uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology.

  The second Canon’s option: EOS C700 GS uses technology GS – Global Shutter Technology.

  The Global Shutter Technology allow capturing the whole Sensor CMOS matrix – simultaneously are “pre-latched ” all Pixels, in opposite manner of it old predecessor- the standard one CMOS.

  • EOS C700 GS PL Mount Lens Variant – with 14 stops of the dynamic range – without Dual Pixel CMOS AF,
  • EOS C700 GS EF Mount Lens Variant – uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology.

  We present you the well-done job by engineer and designers of Canon C700.

Canon C700-EF-3-Hardware-Pro

  See the related Video below:

VIDEO 1. Introduction to Canon C700 “The  Digital Cinema 4K Raw Camera

Device Features:

EOS C700 :

  • Standard CMOS 4.5k resolution CMOS sensor with 15-stops of the dynamic range

EOS C700 GS :

  • Same Resolution, but using Global Shutter Technology with 14-stops of the dynamic range 


  • Integrated Automated ND filters – Standard Clear, 2, 4, or 6-stops of ND for standard mode, and 8 and 10-stops of ND in Extended Mode.
  • The principal is realized via two turrets, peripherally realized az gear wheel for independent and precise rotation and filter combination selection.

Canon C700 ND filters-4-Hardware-Pro

VIDEO Resolutions Support:

  • Canon C700 Supports 4K resolution with 60-Fps progressive scanning and 50-Fps progressive scanning.
  • 2k Crop: 240-Fps,
  • 2k: 120-Fps,
  • 4k: 60-Fps { RAW }.

Camera Internal and External Storage:

  • Internal CFast Card and SD Card Slot and Support.

Canon C700 CFast and SD-6-Hardware-Pro


*When Use B4 to PL or EF Lens Mount, only 10-bit recording is possible – this is related to 2/3″ to 1″ light sensing transformation feature.

Canon C700 B4-Adapter-7-Hardware-Pro

Power Supply Source:

  • External, +10 – 34 VDC plug  – industry-standard 4-pin XLR Style power connector
  • Additional camera accessories powering, located on the front of the camera:
    • 24V DC 3 – pin connector,
    • 12V DC 2 – pin connector.


  • The User can add the GPS information – GPS position {altitude, latitude, longitude} to metadata fields of the captured video file.

IP Transfer:

  • IP Streaming helps the users to send their captured video in real time – online.

Remote control support:

  • C700 supports Remote Controller RC-V100 over RS-422 wire interface.

Integrated ProRes Codec Support:

  • C700 is the first Canon Camera with an Apple ProRes intermediate codec.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF:

  • This technology drastically reduces many problems with autofocusing and distance measurement when is used 4k mode.    


Other Canon New released Product: 

 XC15: 4K UHD Digital Video Camcorder

 Based on XC10 the new Canon XC15 has 1-inch high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV5 Image-Processor.

Features of the New Canon XC15:

  • New Looks,
  • 1-inch CMOS Sensor,
  • DIGIC DV5 Processor,
  • UHD-4K – up to 29.97 Frames per second,
  • Integrated f/2.8 – 5.6/ 8.9 – 89mm Zoom Lens,
  • XLR Audio Input with MA-400 Mic-Adapter,
  • 4K/24p Mode and 1080p Video,
  • Waveform Monitor Display,
  • 3 new Shutter Speeds,
  • Highlight Priority HDR Like Gamma,
  • Rules Assignable to Files and the Metadata.


A New Canon XC15

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