iMSO-204L: 2 ANALOG & 4 DIGITAL CHANNELS, 50 MSPS iScope By Oscium

   iMSO-204L, 2 Analog + 4 Digital Channel DSO, 50 MSPS By Oscium

   Specially developed for use on iPad, iPhone or iPod with lightning connector.  

   That nice and smart addition to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod creates the possibility to see simultaneously 2 Analog Channels and 4 Digital Channels in color.

   The described device allows the trainee to your hardware skills and lets you see and collect more visual information till the hardware debugging process.

   Using this non-pretentious “iPADSCOPE” whenever you need to see various and multiwire synchronized in time via clock source data interfaces, related with the mixed character signals into your lovely iPad, iPhone, or even iPod.

   OSCIUM iMSO-204L Uses a Native Lightning Connector.

OSCIUM iMSO-204L-1-Hardware-Pro

OSCIUM iMSO-204L-3-Hardware-Pro

Application Software:

  You can download iMSO2 software application for free from the Apple App Store.

List of APPLE Devices Using a Native Lightning Connector :

iPhone Variants :

  • iPhone 5 ,
  • iPhone 5C ,
  • iPhone 5S ,
  • iPhone 6 /6 Plus ,
  • iPhone 6S /6S Plus ,
  • iPhone SE ,

OSCIUM iMSO-204L-2-Hardware-Pro



iPad Variants :

  • iPad – 4th generation,
  • iPad Air ,
  • iPad Air 2 ,
  • iPad Mini – 1st & 2nd generation,
  • iPad Mini 3 & 4 ,
  • iPad Pro ,

iPod Variants :

  • iPod Nano – 7th generation,
  • iPod Touch – 5th & 6th generation.


OSCIUM iMSO-204L-4-Hardware-Pro

If you have 30-pin Docking device – iPhone 4, 4S, or first Gen iPad, you will need a Similar, but One Analog + 5 Logical Inputs: 

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