DP832A: 3-Channel Programmable HW-LAB PS By Rigol

  DP832A: 3-Channel Programmable HW-LAB PS By Rigol

  Sometimes in the practice of hardware specialists and hobbyists, the need arises to have a power supply, which output can be changed in time, in the previously defined manner.

  In other words, the output is following the program voltage’s curve.

  In today’s topic we will speak about Rigol high-quality “Hardware Laboratory Tool” – a power supply source with 3 independent programmable switching mode DC outputs:

Output Parameters:

  • +30 V / up to 3 A
  • +30 V / up to 3 A
  • +5 V / up to 3 A
  • Maximum delivered output power is 195 Watts


Rigol DP832A-1a-Hardware-Pro

PIC.  1   The Rigol DP832 has a rich 3.5″ Information TFT Display

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  The Described power supply has a shining and colorful design and very strong construction. The Rigol DP832A has rich information TFT monochrome Display  { 3.5″ / 8.9 cm }  and a simple & intuitive controlling interface including many flexible functions allowing ease to program different voltage curves. On the information Display { as you can see on PIC. 1 } user can set and read the output voltages, Currents, and Power.

   Additionally, the output voltages can be visualized graphically as curves. With a help of Function Timer Control, the user can define the output signal curve with up to 2047 different values/steps.


Remote Controls Methods:

  •   User-defined Programming:

   Users can control and program  Rigol DP832, using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI)

   Sending the SCPI Commands can be done using RIGOL’s  PC software – Ultra Sigma.

   There are three different kinds of Physical Layers of Connectivity : 

  • LAN,
  • USB, 
  • GPIB.


Rigol DP832A – Full Technical Specifications :

Rigol DP832A-5-Hardware-Pro


Rigol DP832A – Additional Features :

Great Connectivity and Remote Control Options:

   The Device Can be controlled via three different types of interfaces: LAN, USB, and GPIB (additional option).

Rigol DP832A-3-Hardware-Pro

Signal Curves :
   The changes in the measurement “panels” can be seen very well in real-time when the user works with the integrated signal curve display.  This makes it possible to detect things like current draw peaks, for example when the current limit is adjusted.

   In that way it is possible to detect the current pick Consumption- Drawn on the Screen. Such Drops into the output voltages is possible when using the current limit for these outputs and the maximum of the output current has been reached.

Timer Programmed Output :

   The Device is Supporting dynamically changing output voltages and current limits when it is programmed with up to 100 points using a timer control feature. The stored points become active each one after the other in the same order have been recorded into the 100-point storage array. The interval between the different programming points can variable and must be specified with “second” granularity.



Rigol DP832A-4-Hardware-Pro



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