RG600: 600A Compact Jump Starter SET by Rugged Geek

  RG600: 600A Compact Jump Starter SET by Rugged Geek





   Each Car driver at least once in his practice has been confusingly surprised, when, the car can’t start because the Starter battery has been completely discharged.

   Near you probably was situated another vehicle.

   But There are and the opposite possibility: There doesn’t any way of charging the car’s starting battery.

   If you are dropping into the same situation, and there was no exit, you will realize the next item is right to you:

   Hardware-Pro.com present You:  RG600 –  The Intelligent 600A  Jump Starter by Rugged Geek

   INTELLIBOOST RG600 – 600Amp I-pick  Portable Jump Starter SET with Air Compressor By Rugged Geek

   The Set Includes:

  • Accessories Set,
  • Air_Compressor,
  • Power Supply with LCD Display,
  • New Features: INTELLIBOOST Jumper Cables has made for the Ultimate Safety.



PIC. 1   RG600


   This Jump Starter Has the possibility and power to start the engine and to inflate all your tires!

   150psi Air Compressor – Enough power to boost most and inflate all your tires!

   The next 3-rd Generation 600amp Pick Compact Jump Starter Main Features:

  • Compact and powerful, with class-leading construction, 
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries,
  • Dedicated Charging Port for laptop,
  • Four-in-one Usb Cable and 8 universal laptop charging tips,
  • Up to 150 PSI Air Compressor,
  • Integrated Lithium Rechargeable batteries have enough capacity and power to start the engine and to inflate all your tires!
  • INTELLIBOOST™_spark_proof_Jumper_Cables for easy and safe Jump Starting of almost all type passenger’s vehicle:  Motorbike, Car, Van, even Truck.
  • Two High-Power USB charging Channels with maximum 2.1 Amp Iout per socket.




PIC.  2  Power for all your portable devices 


   Supported Portable devices:

  • Tablets, 
  • Smartphones,
  • iPhones,
  • Android,
  • iOS devices,
  • Go-Pro cameras.
  • Ultra Bright Digital LCD display.  Digital LCD screen displays all necessary data.



   This compact tool easy can become a favorite after it safely jumpstarts without any problems your car with a discharged main battery. The rescued device can be van, motorcycle, boat, SUV, ATV or even large truck.

   Another cool function is Flashlight:

   RG600 has integrated multi-mode LED flashlight. 

   LED FLASHLIGHT has many modes:  Strobe and SOS Modes for additional SAFETY.

   INTELLIBOOST spark-proof jumper_cables_make_it impossible_to short_circuit the jumper plugs.




Additional Device Features:

  • The RG600 Has the ability to boost with maximum of 600 amp starting current most gasoline-powered vehicles and many diesel models below 3.0 L
  • Total Capacity of the Battery pack is 35.6Wh at 60 degree Celsius ambient temperature.
  • Class A Lithium Battery – for strong starting ability, and also gives the necessary additional capacity for charging the USB devices.
  • Solid Construction with durable carrying case,
  • 4-in-1 USB charging cable,
  • mobile and wall charger,
  • Booster cable for jump starter usage,
  • 8-in-1 universal laptop charging ends.
  • The Device has tire looking pattern  – good view and good functionality.




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