X-Star: Premium Drone with 4K Camera By Autel Robotics

 X-Star: Premium Drone with 4K Camera By Autel Robotics


X-Star Premium xCopter Features :

   Taking outstanding quality photos in 12-MP and UHD-4K videos with the X-Star: Premium Drone 4K Camera By Autel Robotics.
   The x-copter set brings in your hand complete ready to fly machinery, Rechargeable Powering  Battery, Optimized Battery charger, Controlling Radio transmitter, Set of propellers, microSD Flash card with 64GB size, and shock-resistant case.
    The xCopter has an integrated GPS module, which using both GLONASS and GPS systems for precisely positioning. When the positioning system is not active or is out of service, the system named:  Starpoint_Positioning_System measures altitude and using optically means to track the position of the UAS device.
   The ultimate flight control system activates MCU Assisted Flight Modes, as following :
  • Follow,
  • Waypoints, 
  • Orbit,
  • GoHome.
PIC. 1  X-Star Premium Drone
   One cool option enables functionality to feed live HD Videos (720p) – when pair a mobile phone {not included into described set} to the X-Star Premium Drone. 
   Another system – TGPS, generates precisely positioning data packets in situations where the device can’t receive the data from the GPS satellites.

Stabilized Camera With Gimbal: Capturing Photos:  The X-Star Camera takes shots in following file formats:

  • JPEG ,
  • RAW ,
  • RAW and JPEG.

Photo Modes:

  • Burst_Mode;
  • AEB
  • Bracketed_Frames;
  • Single_Shot;
  • Time_Lapse.
Capturing Videos:
PIC. 2   X-Star 3-Axis Gimbal and 12MP camera with Sony Exmor-R CMOS Sensor      
   The device camera is equipped with the Sony_Exmor_R_sensor and it can capture 4k videos at 30 frames per second, full-HD (1080p) at 120 frames per second, and super slow-motion videos 720P at 240 frames per second. The captured  high-quality video is writing directly to microSD Flash card Memory 
Stabilizing 3-Axis Gimbal:   
   The three-axis Gimbal connecting the 4K camera with the xCopter’s body and provides real stabilization. It also supports a camera movement, independently, in the three axises.

Wide Angle LENS:   

   The used lens have FOV = 108, using the widest mode for capturing the images. That means the wider field of view with many details and rich, and colorful taken image.
PIC. 3  Two Antenna REMOTE Controller with a Mobile Device Holder 

Flight Controller Features:

   The  device X-Star have these different modes of work:

   Help keep the xCopter to stay stable on the imaginary line the course, even in windy conditions and in the presence of electromagnetic interferences.


   This system allows X-Star Premium to stay well positioned without GPS service.

   Works with both GLONASS and GPS for precisely positioning the device.


   The UASx Copter device has the following MCU assisted flight modes:

  •    Follow,
  •    Orbit,
  •    Waypoints,
  •    Go-Home.

   Using this mode the xCopter reconfigures itself to work with strict limits {Geo-Fence} of performance – to avoid any possible failures.


 PIC. 4  Intelligent 14.8V/4900 mA/h, LiPo Rechargeable Battery  


   The 72 W/h Rechargeable battery can provide up to 25 minutes in flight mode the Drone.

   Package of xCopter Set includes: 


  • Premium Shock-Resistant Case -1 pcs.  
  • Intelligent Rechargeable Battery – 1 pcs. 
  • Memory Card Size : 64GB – 1 pcs. 
  • Memory Card Type : microSD
  • 1 hour fast charger – 1 pcs.
  • spare propellers – set of 4 pcs.




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