16-Channel, 100 MHz, LogiScope BY Oscium

   16-Channel, 100 MHz, LogiScope BY Oscium 

   Many Hardware Hobbyists and lucky IPAD users probably want to transform their lovely gadget to some kind of scope.

   Today’s Topic let you know how that wish and idea can become alive.

   The decision is: Oscium LogiScope

   16 channels,  100 MHz  –  iPad Logic Analyzer. 

Oscium LogiScope-0a-Hardware-Pro

   Oscium LogiScope let you convert your iPhone, iPad, and iPod into a 100 MHz, 16 channel logic analyzer.

 Oscium LogiScope-1-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 1  The Logiscope Converter


AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link1: Oscium 100MHz 16 Channel LogiScope for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 1 ASIN: B0088QLZ52

AMAZON.CO.UK Affiliate Link2: Oscium 100MHz 16 Channel LogiScope for Apple Devices – ASIN: B008AVIDHS


 General Features: 

  • Maximal useful sample rate is 100 MSPS,
  • UART,
  • I2C,
  • SPI,
  • Parallel,
  • Advanced Triggering,
  • Two_Logic_Harnesses_(8D_+_1G),
  • Compatible with Lightning – The converting cable is sold separately,
  • Compatible with 30-pin connectors.
  • Input Probes capacitance = 7pF 


Oscium LogiScope-2-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 2  The Oscium Logiscope Converter – Connectors Side View

Oscium LogiScope-3-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 3  The Oscium LogiScope Converter 

Video:  Simple Triggering.
   The Videos below shows the benefits of this advanced triggering system.
   The Converter & Logical Scope Device has user-friendly and intuitive Interface.  The touchscreen is very sensitive and the work with navigating menus and the interface as a whole is easy. In its own responsive and interactive way, changing the timescale is easy as a “children’s game”. 
   Adjusting the delay again is easy work. You can Download For Free :

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