MPS DC/DC Designer by Monolithic Power Systems

   MPS DC/DC Designer by Monolithic Power Systems 

   At Every  Corner in the sea of manufactured hardware devices, you can see the incredible amount of PCBs, which general goal is to transform one kind of energy to the other kind. The valuable part of this array is DC-to-DC Converters.


MPS DC-DC-1-Hardware-Pro


   Imagine: Your next design needs DC/DC converter in wide input range with  high efficiency and output in several amps.

   Of Course, the first, and not so bad think, probably will be to buy ready and assembled  module or PCB.

   In the most cases, you possible will buy ready fabricated Module.

   We are pointing your attention for other, especially in the hobby circles valuable part of real hardware develop.

   Today’s topic main purpose is for general information, the way of schematic calculation using the manufacturers of DC/DC converting Chips supporting software.


MPS DC-DC-4-Hardware-Pro


   You can Download and install  of just can start the web-based online version

ONLINE Version : MPS DC/DC Designer

   If  you want to work many times with MPS DC/DC Designer  without internet connectivity, the right choice will be Downloadable version.



MPS DC/DC Designer Program General Description:

   After accepting the MPS Terms of Service, you can see the main interface window.

   As You see, the boxes are empty and ask you to enter the input parameters of the design.

   Uin-min Voltage, Uin-max Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current, etc.

We don’t know, what exactly are your’s searching, but only for comprehensiveness, we will explain and follow the 12-volt design.


  • Minimum Input  Uin-min = 7.2 V ;
  • Maximum Input Voltage : Uin-max = 16V ;
  • Output voltage : Uoutput = 5V ;
  • Maximum Output Current : Ioutput = 2A .


MPS DC-DC-2-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 1 The Main Form has only blank fields 

   The Choice of the DC-DC converting chip is strongly individual .

   For the Example: We select MP2307.

MPS DC-DC-3-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 2  Enter The input data necessary for calculation of the schematic

MPS DC-DC-4-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 3  Schematics of the calculated design

MPS DC-DC-5-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 4  Design Schematics Analysis 


   MP2307:  DC-DC Converting chip – Electrical Characteristics





MPS DC-DC-6-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 5  DC/DC Designer showing Different Waveforms 

   Program visualize four graphics:

  • The Output Voltage Ripple Waveform
  • The Switching waveform
  • The input voltage Ripple waveform
  • The Inductor Current Waveform


MPS DC-DC-7-Hardware-Pro


PIC. 6  Small Signal Bode Plot Waveform


MPS DC-DC-8-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 7  Output Ripple and Load Current



MPS DC-DC-9-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 8  { Efficiency vs Output Current } and { Power loss vs Output Current }



MPS DC-DC-10-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 9 DC/DC Designer program creates Bill of Materials



MPS DC-DC-11-Hardware-Pro

PIC. 10   MP2307 using PCB Layout Suggestion by the manufacturer’s MPS DC/DC Designer

Don’t Stop to Create and Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!






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