37-in-1 Sensors KIT V2.0 for Arduino by SunFounder

SunFounder presents module KIT with 37 sensors for Arduino.

37-in-1-Sensors for arduino-1-Hardware-pro

  As you can see the List is long: 

  • Analog Temperature – Temperature Sensor with an analog output.
  • Auto-Flash LED –  7 Colors into the single 5mm LED are changing continuously when a module is powered-on.
  • Barometer – This Sensor measures the Air Barometrical Pressure.
  • DS18B20 Temperature – Temperature Sensor with a Digital Output.
  • Passive Buzzer – To emit sound through this module, you need to apply on the SIG Input squared-wave with suitable frequency { 0.5 ÷ 6kHz }.
  • Sound Sensor – This module has an electret microphone with buffered output.
  • Dual Color LED – Separate control of two different colors in one LED package.
  • Photo-Interrupter – This module has a light emitter and receiver, separated by an air-gap.
  • Switch Hall – This module uses a chip which reacts to a magnetic field, changing the output voltage related the magnetic field strength.
  • Analog Hall  – This Switch reacts with on-state to applied magnetic field.
  • Flame Sensor – This module detects any light source with wavelengths in range {760 to 1100 nm}.

37-in-1-Sensors for arduino-3-Hardware-pro

  • Thermistor Module – This module consists of an NTC thermistor which is highly sensitive to temperature.
  • Humidity Sensor – This Sensor measures The Humidity level in the air.
  • Photoresistor – This module is sensitive to light and it decreases its resistance by increased light strength.
  • Potentiometer – Module with an integrated Potentiometer.
  • Joystick PS2 Module – Module with an integrated Joystick the same as used in PS2 controllers.
  • Active Buzzer – This module produces a beep when powered.
  • Infrared – Receiver – This module is capable of receiving an infrared signal, using an 1838b IR-receiver.
  • Reed Switch – This module uses a mechanical reed sensor, which reacts to near magnetic field.
  • MQ-2 Gas Sensor – This module has a circuitry which can create a proportional output voltage signal when sensing a gas. When it detects a higher concentration of the gas, output has the bigger value.
  • Button Module – Module containing a button.
  • Laser transmitter – This module emits a laser beam with a wavelength of about 650nm.
  • RGB LED – This module has an integrated RGB colored LED and each diode junction has its own current-limiting resistor.
  • Relay Module – This module has a 10 Ampers 250VAC Relay device and transistor control circuit with LED indicator at on-state.

37-in-1-Sensors for arduino-4-Hardware-pro

  • AD/DA Converter – This module uses the PCF8591 AD/DA {Analog to Digital / Digital to Analog} Chip.
  • Mercury Switch – This module uses a “Mercury Tilt Switch”, containing a drop of liquid mercury. When tilted to one side, opens or closes an electrical circuit which turns on an LED?
  • Rotary Encoder – This module includes a rotary encoder – using a principle of rotating speed measurement and PWM technology for high- speed control.
  • Tracking Sensor – The module using TCRT5000 sensor.
  • Color Sensor – The module has an integrated TAOS-TCS3200 RGB sensor chip and uses the three main {R,G,B} colors for detection.
  • Tilt Switch – This module uses a ball tilt switch to detect under/over angle.
  • RTC-DS1302 – This module uses a DS1302 RTC {Real Time Clock} chip.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor – The module has Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. After the trigger routine is initiated for more than 10 µS, the module sends an ultrasonic signal with frequency = 40 kHz and detect if there is a pulse signal back.
  • Obstacle avoidance – The Module uses a pair of transmitting IR diode and Chip IR receiver with fixed central bandwidth frequency. The Detection distance is adjustable through a potentiometer.
  • Touch Switch – Low power consuming module with toggle the output state on every touching the two electrodes.
  • RainDrop Sensor – Two PCB design : One for Sensor with Adjustable Edge, and second for the external electrodes PCB 


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37-in-1-Sensors for arduino-1-Hardware-pro

PIC. 1   37-in-1 Sensors KIT V2.0 for Arduino by SunFounder

Sunfounder-37-in-1-Sensors for arduino-2-Hardware-pro

PIC. 2  The Package

The Book “Sensor Kit for Аrduino Make it easy make it fun ” includes 36 lessons: 

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