Sony GTKXB7: Powerful Bluetooth BoomBox

 Sony GTKXB7: Bluetooth BoomBox 


 Today we are talking about one cool and powerful movable active speaker system by SONY.


 Namely, Their Heavy Party Bluetooth Boom Box GTK-XB7.


   GTK-XB7  Overview:  
   This device isn’t so boring, like the same kind of remote speakers.
   The Boombox GTK-XB7 has integrated an amazing show program fulfill with Colorful Visual Effects.
  • Simple Bluetooth®  Connection with NFC One-touch technology.
  • DSEE  {Digital Sound Enhancement Engine} – significantly Improves the music perception when playing compressed music files: MP3, WMA, and uncompressed WAV files.
  • Clear Audio+ Technology: The Device brings new sound purifying horizons.  
  • Smart Phone Application “SongPal” make possible streaming and managing the settings, directly by the mobile phone, working as Remote Controller. 
  • Rich LED illuminated Design for “charging” the Party Atmosphere.
  • LDAC – The Newest Audio technology by SONY allows to enjoy the high-quality wireless audio stream Via Bluetooth. LDAC carrying up to three times more data.


  This device is developed specially for the bass enthusiasts. With an innovative technology named “Extra Bass”, you will listen a deep and pure bass sound.


  When you press the {EXTRA-BASS} button on top of the Remote Speaker, the Gadget berserk.

  When you set the light and the DJ-sound effects – three different light sources are including into the futuristic show, synchronized with the rhythms of the music.

  Two Borderlines, two Strobe Flashlights, and Speaker Magical Lights create the whole magic. 


PIC. 1  The Device has three realistic colors to fit with the interior.

PIC. 2  Device Dimensions: 26,5″ x 12.8″
   With the weight of 12 kg, Dimensions: 26,5″ x 12.8″  and, two integrated handles – The Music will be near you and will fill in the entire room space, while the device is staying solid the place, no matter, in horizontal or vertical position. 

   If  You Wish to have an equal sound in many rooms or by the corners of the backyard garden, there is no problem. Using the Party Chain mode and connect devices via NFC and Bluetooth® technologies, doing that task.

   No wires, no long and bad looking cables, dirty and bitten by the private and the neighbor’s pets.  

   Only Pure Streaming Sound Connection.

   Just pair a few devices, using Party Chain, after that point to the music library directory, to the media player, tap on the “play button” and the Party will begin on “full steam”. 


PIC. 3  NFC and Bluetooth®  technology are ready to Your Party

   Via the integrated tilt sensor GTK-XB7 detects the position { Vertical or Horizontal } and reconfigure its internal circuitry to create adequate Stereo Sound emitting.

  This is possible thanks to the unique configuration of the three Tweeter speakers.

PIC.  4   Device detects its position and reconfigures the amplifiers sources to maintain the true and realistic stereo effect as best as possible.

   You can Use the USB port of the GTK-XB7 device for charging the smartphone or the tablet until you stream and enjoy your favorite music.




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