Hardware Laboratory – Part 9: Professional Option

  Hardware Laboratory – Part 9: Professional Option   

  Today We will continue with some professional options for OUR Hardware Laboratory.

  The valuable part of the hobbyists and beginners do not use such professional options for example as a kind of Signal Generator: Functional generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Microwave or RF Frequency Generator or Digital Pattern Generators.

  The use of similar devices comes in the years after they realize and they really have the need such tool. The same is and the Oscilloscope measuring tool: As a conclusion can simply say:  It is a professional option.

  But, that does not stop us to point with a few words and inform You about their main principal and object of usage.

  As you can guess, the signal generators as Whole are electronic devices.

  They can produce either the analog electronic signals or the digital electronic signals.

  These signals can be repeating, also, can be non-repeating. The main usage is for testing.

The Signal Generators are separating into few main types:

  • Functional generator,
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator,
  • Microwave generator,
  • RF-Frequency Generator,
  • Digital pattern Generator – the often used name of  Digital Signal Generators.

   The Functional Generator’s main goal is to generate electrical signals named: Waveforms. They can have the different shape, and cover the frequency range from 0.1 HZ to x10 MHz 


   The story begun with the Vacuum Tubes.

   Simple schematic with one simple goal – To generate only Sinusoidal Waves with adjustable frequency and Amplitude.

   With other schematics, the Sinusoidal waves can be limited and transformed into Square. From Square easily can get the triangle waveform. 

Wien Bridge-3-Hardware-Pro

SCH. 1 Vacuum Tube Wien Bridge Generator


   The Main Principal of triangle waveform generation:

   For Creating the Triangular Waves, generally, is used the principal to charge with constant current the etalon capacitor. to extend the frequency range capacitors are organized into the magazine x10 of values Type.


Wein Bridge-Hardware-Pro

SCH. 2   OP-Amplifier Wien Bridge Generator


The Story:

  • Continued with discrete Transistor generator, using the same principle,
  • The WIEN Bridge using an Operational Amplifier,
  • To get the Specialized Integral Circuit with a middle level of integration (2001) Functional Generator ICL-8038 and Functional Generator EXAR (1997) XR-2206 – Today shown as obsolete products and,
  • Going to the “new” space with the newest technology called DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis).

   We aren’t going to make a diploma work, and only with an informative purpose will point the main features of devices.

   Let We see now a real Signal Generator Device.


PIC. 1  DROK® 2.4” TFT LCD 5MHz MHS-2300A

DDS – Full Functional Dual Channel Signal Generator


PIC. 2   DROK® 2.4” TFT LCD 5MHz MHS-2300A – Inputs & Outputs


PIC. 3  DROK® 2.4 inch TFT LCD 5MHz


PIC. 4  DROK® 2.4 inch TFT LCD 5MHz – Technical DATA

  •    Oscilloscopes, probes and etc., are detail described in few topics.

   For Hobby and semi-professional usage, 60 MHz – 100 MHz bandwidth  – dual channel – 1Gs – 2Gs is completely enough.

   DSO – The digital storage option, actually is a professional grade option.

   More details can get the links below:


DSO138: 2-Channel DSO with Color Display

DSO203: 4-Channel Oscilloscope with Color LCD Display


Don’t Stop To Reinvent Yourself, Dear Explorers!



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